Good neighbor cheated a year old baby Ryan interprovincial police rescue-yvette yates

"Good neighbor" cheated a year old boy in Ruian provincial police rescue busy work, Guizhou Ji couple small Teng (a pseudonym) will be the 1 year old son Hsuan (a pseudonym) entrusted to the "good" neighbors, fellow Tang care. Unexpectedly, Tang even with his son missing together. After 7 days of rapid tracking, Wenzhou Ruian police finally found in Fujian, Longyan, tang. In November 11th, on suspicion of the crime of child abduction, detention and arrest by tang. Xiao Teng and her husband are from Guizhou. A few years ago, two people came to Ruian to work hard, life is more difficult. A year ago, two people blessed with a son, in order to make a living, two people are busy working to make money, no time to care of son lucas. While the "good" and willing to help take care of neighbors Tang hsuan. Tang’s careful, two people see in the eye. In the course of contacts, both people of Tang is trust. Therefore, when Tang 9 2 April proposed to take to "Fujian Hsuan relatives" playing at home, small Teng safely agreed. Can never expect, Tang this go, gradually no news. At first it was connected, but it was lost in a few days. In October 17th, Xiao Teng, who was relieved at last, bought the ticket to Tang’s so-called "Fujian relatives". But when asked, it was discovered that Tang had never gone back. In October 28th, Xiao Xiao reported to the police in Ruian. After the alarm, the Ruian Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force to investigate. The ad hoc group by monitoring a means of investigation, found that Tang is likely to bring Xiaoxuan fled to Fujian city of Longyan province Yongding county. On November 3rd, Ruian police rushed to Longyan immediately. In support of the local police, the Ruian police station, village, in-depth field terminal carpet investigation, finally in the afternoon of November 4th, at a local coal company staff quarters and arrested the suspect Tang Hsuan, safe rescue. That night, small Teng fly to Longyan, and Xiaoxuan reunion. At present, Tang has not yet explained the reason and motivation of kidnapping. The police are still under investigation.

“好心”邻居骗走一岁男婴 瑞安警方跨省解救因工作繁忙,贵州籍夫妇小滕(化名)将1岁的儿子小轩(化名)委托给“好心”的邻居、老乡唐某照料。岂料,唐某竟然带着儿子一同失踪了。经过7天的火速追踪,温州瑞安警方终于在福建龙岩将唐某找到。11月11日,因涉嫌拐骗儿童罪,唐某被刑拘并提请逮捕。小滕和丈夫都是贵州人。几年前,两人来到瑞安打拼,生活比较困难。一年前,两人喜得一子,为了生计,两人更是忙着务工赚钱,没有时间看护儿子小轩。而“好心”的邻居唐某乐于帮助照料小轩。唐某的细心,两人看在眼里。一来二去,两人也对唐某分外信任。因此,当唐某9月2日提出要带小轩去“福建亲戚”家玩耍时,小滕很放心地就答应了。可万万没想到,唐某这一去,渐渐就没了消息。起初还能联系上,没过几天就失联了。10月17日,终于放心不下的小滕径直买了车票往唐某所谓的“福建亲戚家”去。可一问,才发现,唐某压根就没回去过。10月28日,小滕向瑞安警方报了警。接警后,瑞安公安局迅速成立专案组展开调查。专案组通过监控等大量侦查手段,发现唐某极有可能携小轩潜逃至福建省龙岩市永定县。11月3日,瑞安警方立即赶赴龙岩。在当地警方的支持下,瑞安警方深入村户、田间地头、车站码头进行地毯式调查走访,最终于11月4日下午,在当地一个煤矿公司员工宿舍抓获了犯罪嫌疑人唐某,安全解救小轩。当晚,小滕坐飞机赶赴龙岩,与小轩团聚。目前,唐某尚未交代拐骗原因和动机。警方尚在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章: