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Google UAV experiment again, this time to delivery – Sohu technology Google’s parent company Alphabet Chipotle, Virginia Tech and the fast food chain enterprises (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) together, in this month to carry out drone delivery Mexico burrito project test. The project will be carried out at the Virginia Tech and has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). According to Bloomberg news, this is the Google X UAV project Project Wing flight test again, and Google is not the only one to use drones for transport companies. Source: Engadget Amazon and WAL-MART also carried out its own UAV project, and Amazon has launched a round of experiments in the United kingdom. Google Project Wing head Dave Vos said: this will be the first time we have a targeted delivery test. The UAV is equipped with automatic steering function, can fly like a plane, you can hover like a helicopter. The experiment not only through this process to assess the accuracy of navigation systems and people’s response. Also look at the packaging of thermal insulation, and can be properly delivered to the destination. Vos also mentioned that the company is developing more complex second generation UAV, but will not be used in the test. Source: YouTube, however, in order to comply with the provisions of FAA, the driver must be on standby to take control when necessary. The participants will be quarantined because the regulation does not allow drones to fly over the crowd. FAA was introduced in August 20th a wide range of commercial UAV new regulations. According to regulations, companies still can not carry out the type of distribution of flight missions. Before testing a wide range of delivery services, unmanned aerial vehicles companies must convince FAA that they can understand the UAV can use the robot technology to avoid each other, and safely arrived at the delivery point. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, says the technology promises to bring huge changes to the society and the economy, not only to reduce carbon emissions, but also to change the way consumers shop. Image source: theverge相关的主题文章: