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Vacation-Rentals Shop, shop, and shop on Memphis Vacations Shopping while on Memphis vacations is an exciting undertaking even by itself because the city is a beautiful mix of the old and new, the typical and the unusual that also reflects in their shops, stores, and boutiques. For modern shoppers, there is the city’s Most Beautiful Business Hall of Famer Oak Court Mall; it has over sixty different shops and many dining options in its two levels adorned with bronze statues and Italian marble. Another is the Wolfchase Galleria; it is anchored by Sears, JC Penney, Macys and Dillards and also features stores of Pottery Barn, Guess, American Eagle, and the Disney Store. Shoppers looking for more unique and interesting items and souvenirs can head over to Beale Street for them; there is the A. Schwabs Dry Goods Store where you can find voodoo paraphernalia, plastic back scratchers, plumbing supplies, mens overalls and other things you might not really need but cannot resist buying. You can check out the Cooper-Young district where there are shops selling antique furniture, Memphis memorabilia, many arts and crafts, and stores such as the Goner Records that carry hard to find records and vintage tracks from artists you may have never heard of before but will certainly enjoy listening to. Memphis Vacations on a Weekend Most travelers only have the luxury of a two day break from their usual schedules but even in this short amount of time, you can still have memorable and event filled Memphis vacations. If you are a hard core Elvis Presley fan, one of the first things you will do when you get to Memphis is head to Graceland to take a tour of his mansion and look at his trophies and automobile collection, and raid the store for Elvis memorabilia. However, if you are not into taking the tour, you can still claim to have been there by driving by to take a look or get your picture taken standing at the entrance gate adorned with musical notes. You can save time by visiting two great attractions that are just across from each other, the Memphis Botanic Garden and the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. The Dixon Gallery was once a residential area turned museum and features Impressionist art works of Monet, Degas, and Renoir as well as the Stout Collection that has over 500 pieces of 18th century German porcelain items such as tableware and figurines. Head over to the Memphis Botanic Garden next to explore their 23 specialty gardens such as the Japanese Garden of Tranquility, the childrens My Big Backyard garden, and the Four Seasons Garden that is a popular venue for weddings and receptions. Great Deals for Memphis Vacations If you are first time travelers and unsure of where and how to start, you can take advantage of deals and packages to make your Memphis vacations a lot easier. The Peabody Hotel offers several packages designed for couples and family travelers; the Ducky Day Family Package is one where you get to be an honorary duck master for a day, helping the ducks during their daily march to the lobby fountain at 11am or back to their rooftop duck palace at 5pm. You will get a brass-head cane to use in ushering in the ducks and as a souvenir, you get a Peabody Duckmaster Celebriduck rubber ducky. You can also find deals from the Madison Hotel, the Cultural and History Package is one that is both fun and informative at the same time. It includes a two-night stay in a luxury bedroom suite and planned itineraries for the whole stay. On the first day, there will be tours to Graceland and Sun Studios while on the second, tours will focus on the civil rights movement and will feature Beale Street, the neighborhood of Soulsville USA, and the Mason Temple where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous Mountaintop speech. Girlfriends on Memphis Vacations Sometimes girls just want to have fun and fortunately, Memphis vacations are not that hard to plan with your girl friends and the city is full of wonderful opportunities to enjoy yourselves and get that well deserved break from work and your daily routines. Thursdays are more of a ladies night than any other day of the week with many parties and clubs that will let you in free; one example is the rooftop party at the historic Peabody Hotel where all of you can dance and listen to live music, have cocktails, and get great views of downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River. Nature lovers will surely take delight in the Memphis Botanical Gardens with all the flowers in bloom and the leisurely walks to take along the beautifully landscaped grounds or you and your girlfriends can visit Mud Island River Park to take hikes, go kayaking, ride bicycles, or go on the monorail to see the park and the Mississippi River below. Shopping is considered one of the major female bonding activities and Memphis will not disappoint with its many malls, unique shops, bookstores, antique stores, and flea markets. If you are all music lovers then your getaway will not be .plete without visiting Graceland and paying your respects to the King of Rock n Roll Elvis Presley; take guided tours inside the mansion and all over the 14-acre property to get a glimpse of how he lived and spent time with his family and friends. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: