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Graduates Shuangxuan   Small and micro businesses freeze – Beijing channel — original title: graduates Shuangxuan Small and micro businesses cold yesterday, more than 80 employers attended college graduates employment service in Beijing in 2016 the first quarter Shuangxuan, providing more than 3000 job positions for graduates. During the service season, the city will host more than 140 supply and demand meeting. Newspaper reporter Sun Yue photo newspaper news (reporter Jia Xiaoyan Intern Li Jie) yesterday, "the employment of college graduates in Beijing service season first Shuangxuan held employment of university students in Beijing, attracting nearly 1500 graduates entering the job. The well-known state-owned enterprises have graduates of all ages, small and micro enterprises abandoned. In this Shuangxuan employing units of a total of more than 80, including higher education press, Gehua online, New Oriental, Lenovo (Beijing) Co. Ltd and other well-known units or enterprises, providing more than 3 thousand jobs, involving teachers, editing, design, machinery, computer and many other professional. Many enterprises for hardware engineers, software engineers, technical personnel for monitoring and control, and even to relax the academic requirements. Editors, human resources, accounting and other jobs are most of the applicants for the postgraduate education. Although the recruitment threshold is not high, but the smaller, shorter time start-ups still should be a handful. A company only received a resume for a long time. Municipal government conscription office also set up a consulting desk, very popular, and even attracted to the parents of senior three students. The staff said, in addition to the "military complex", students can also enjoy the service to school education, employment and economic subsidies and other preferential policies, attract more young students. Shuangxuan also attracted a lot of not graduating from grade to low grade students, most of them is to experience the early recruitment atmosphere, understand the employment situation, for future job experience. From now until December, Beijing college graduates employment guidance center, the Beijing region will focus on more than 140 colleges and universities to participate in the supply and demand of medium scale activities. Graduates can see the specific arrangement, the participants through the Beijing college graduates employment information network with information. (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: