Graphic data to see the big Hainan fire electrical fire is

Graphic data to see the big Hainan fire: electrical fire is "arch-criminal" since last year a total of more than 3000 fires, electrical fire is the "arch-criminal" fire at the province’s Hainan daily Haikou news November 8th from big data (reporter Ding Ping correspondent Zhong Jian) in November 9th, is the national fire protection publicity day. This year, the province will be 119 days of fire to expand publicity week, the theme is to eliminate fire hazards, to build a safe community". It is understood that from 2015 to October 31, 2016, the province a total of 3324 fires, the death of 19 people, injured 14 people, the direct property loss of $40 million 50 thousand, did not happen with a major fire accident. According to the Hainan provincial fire brigade responsible person, at present, our province fire prevention and control level has improved significantly, the fire situation is stable and controllable, to achieve the province’s "summer without major fires, during a major event does not occur with the influence of fire" goal. But with the rapid development of urbanization, urban and rural public fire infrastructure is lagging behind, the province’s fire safety situation is still grim. In order to effectively control the fire departments at all levels in our province is carried out in fire prevention and control work, the main investigation from fire hazard remediation, fire basic construction, fire safety education, fire rescue preparations of four aspects, focusing on the investigation of major fire hazards, electrical fire prevention, community, residential buildings, fire safety engineering school yard check the fire hazard of special rectification actions. As of now, 23 units of major fire hazards supervise the handling of the provincial government, has rectification to close the case 8, 15 rectification is still in. On the problems found in the inspection, will increase the intensity of law enforcement, the punishment according to the law, the detention of the detention according to law, the closure of the law closed down." Hainan fire brigade responsible person. The reporter learned from the provincial fire brigade, during the fire protection publicity week, the same organized a "community fire propaganda" activities ", one hundred communities, one thousand small cities and counties (buildings) and ten thousand families, will focus on the development of fire safety awareness training and emergency evacuation drills, so that the people generally accept the fire skill training. At the same time to strengthen the community "migratory birds" residents of the fire propaganda and training, to play their role in the promotion of radiation, enhance the awareness of national fire safety. Electric fire occurred more than a year since 45 at night charging time since last year, the total electric fire is 45 this year in Haikou city only 19 electric vehicle charging time fires occurred at night, once the fire occurs, the fire spread quickly escape difficult and dangerous fire weapon Car Buying should look for more careful eye brand and equipment, production license, the market has high visibility, well-known brands of electric vehicles, electric vehicles have also check undervoltage, overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection function. Pay attention to the scientific use of the car to check the regular maintenance, electric cars need to repair the failure, the choice of professional maintenance agencies or personnel, shall not be removed electrical protection devices. Strengthen storage management.相关的主题文章: