Guangdong province to carry out joint supervision of tourism market order-pullip

The order of the tourism market in Guangdong province to carry out joint inspection operations to implement the State Council and the provincial government on strengthening the comprehensive supervision of the tourism market to create the spirit of the notice, the Mid Autumn Festival, good travel environment, at the end of August to late September, the Provincial Tourism Bureau and the provincial development and Reform Commission, public security, transportation, industry and commerce departments, carry out supervision of district tourism market Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhanjiang and other six cities to carry out remediation, and regulate the tourism market order, crack down on illegal behavior. The action of supervision for the Pearl River Delta and western area development, province and city and county (District), Township street dispatched inspectors to 163 passengers, check the travel related enterprises 20, 32 inspection team guide, check the travel car 29 vehicles. 5 cases of tourism have gone through the handling of cases, 7 shops shut down, to impose fines or rectification punishment of 11 cases of illegal travel behavior. The supervision to listen to reports, on-site inspection, etc., and invited legal counsel to guide the case handling. Provincial joint inspection team to listen to municipalities (districts) to implement the State Council and the provincial government on strengthening the comprehensive supervision of the tourism market, establish and improve the working mechanism and the tourism market order rectification and case handling. On site inspection, the joint inspection team in-depth shopping, travel agencies, tourist attractions (attractions), passenger hub and other key places to carry out a thorough investigation, and a random sample of team of tour guides and tourism charter, found problems in a timely manner, strengthen and supervise the rectification. The inspection group of the member units according to their respective duties of the travel contract, tourism shopping, tourism charter, product quality and other related content requirements. Local tourism authorities attach great importance to the rectification of the tourism market order, strengthen sectoral linkage, joint development and reform, public security, transportation, industry and commerce departments, according to the law to carry out tourism market regulation. Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan city and Shunde district focus on remediation travel shopping, tourism souvenir market and the black car, black lead and other illegal acts, focusing on Yangjiang, Maoming, Zhanjiang City Binhai remediation scenic tourist catering operators bully cheating behavior. The problems found in the inspection, the inspection team asked the municipalities (District) departments to earnestly implement the territorial regulatory responsibility, innovation and regulation, strengthen the comprehensive supervision and joint law enforcement, increase efforts to investigate the case, properly handled all kinds of tourist complaints, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourism consumers in accordance with the law. Supervise the operation of law-abiding enterprises involved in tourism, integrity services, and constantly improve the quality of tourism services and tourist satisfaction.相关的主题文章: