Guangzhou Auto Show opened the province wide shares with 25 major brands

Guangzhou Auto Show opened the province wide shares with 25 brands debut in November 18th, China’s top three international auto show in the opening ceremony of the fourteenth China (Guangzhou) International Auto show. Shares of province wide service Guangzhou Automobile Group, Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou TOYOTA, Dongfeng Nissan, FAW Volkswagen, FAW Audi, Geely, brilliance auto, Dongfeng Yueda KIA 25 brands of shocking debut, the Guangzhou international auto show shine. Guangzhou auto show this year, a total of 1130 vehicles on display, the concept of the car 19, the world’s first departure of 56 units. Guangdong Province, which shares the service of the car brand, whether it is the number of exhibitors or models, nearly half of the current show, a comprehensive display of the province’s leading position in the marketing industry. At the same time, the province wide service Guangzhou automobile trade, Wanli tires and other automotive supplies brand simultaneously unveiled this show. Province wide shares to participate in the construction of the Guangzhou Museum, with a total area of over ten thousand square meters. GAMC, Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou TOYOTA, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI and other investment companies, Fick’s best debut, to show the audience a set of innovative technology and star model in one of the biggest achievements show feast, the history of the Guangzhou auto show exhibition scale! Province wide to create all kinds of international auto show for nearly twenty years, the success of the "Guangzhou" brand growth and take-off.   Guangzhou Automobile Group Chairman Ceng Qinghong and chairman Chen Tian Long province wide shares common Guangzhou gas, for province wide praise!   Guangzhou automobile group the world’s first EnLight the electric concept car   province wide deep automobile marketing field for more than twenty years, with the strongest China automobile marketing strength. In recent years, continue to strengthen the industrial integration, professional promotion, to create a more than 400 million car crowd data Canton Auto DMP system, a comprehensive consolidation of the province wide in the field of automotive marketing absolute advantage. In the future, the province will also help more multinational car companies into China, to promote more independent brands to the world, China and even the global automotive market into a more powerful driving force for development.相关的主题文章: