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Guangzhou baby sucking face with out nostril atresia Nanfang Daily News (reporter Cao Si intern correspondent Xie Xinyin Lin Huifang) more than a month of small Xuan Xuan (a pseudonym) after birth, a sucking face Biede purple, like breath like, throat also seems to always have a Koutan a whirring sound. The hospital found that Lucas suffers from a congenital malformation Xuan – rare congenital bilateral choanal atresia. The 23 day, the small Xuan finally accepted bilateral nostril angioplasty, at present a good recovery. The doctor said that the atresia of the nose will affect the child’s nasal breathing, emergency treatment, so that children can open mouth breathing, otherwise there will be risk of suffocation. But in the long run, only by mouth breathing, children will appear and developmental problems, and closed or infants, which will increase the difficulty in breathing, and refused to nurse, affect the nutritional intake of children. In severe cases, it can also cause asphyxiation death, and it is recommended to cure the disease as soon as possible. However, after the diagnosis, Hsuan Xuan parents with children nationwide removed a number of hospitals, are too difficult to perform the surgery. After many setbacks, the small Xuan Xuan finally in at the Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center underwent bilateral nostril angioplasty, clearing the tissue in the nostril atresia, finally able to breathe smoothly. At present, Hsuan Xuan good recovery is expected after a week or so can be discharged after half a year, still need to put the support tube to expand the meatus. Deputy chief physician Zou Yu in charge of the Provincial Maternal and child Department of ENT surgery said: "in the process of embryonic development, located in the buccal nasal membrane and the original of the original oral nasal, this should disappear and the formation of" hole ", if the film failed to subside, will be blocked nostril respiration. The incidence of this congenital malformation is about 18000 to 120 thousand, and unilateral posterior nares atresia is more common than bilateral atresia." Why is the surgery so difficult? Zou Yu explained: "in neonates and infants of the nasal cavity is very small, nasal approach on a small field of view, surgical instruments and surgical doctors of higher technical requirements, a slight deviation may cause nasal deformity, nasal cartilage damage, or damage to nearby brain tissue etc.." It is understood that the Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center has to within 6 months of congenital choanal atresia surgery, one case is at least 4 days before the birth of children. After the operation is Everything will be fine., Zou Yu said: "after the operation also has possibility of atresia, the age of 2 is the highest incidence of atresia stage, so for this type of surgery in children, we will continue to follow up until he was 2 years old. From the follow-up of the children who have done this kind of operation, the first case was not locked again for one and a half years after the operation." Finally, Zou Yu reminded the novice parents in parenting process, if it is found that the new baby appeared to have difficulty breathing, cyanosis, closed when infants can ease or even disappear, but the mouth is crying, and heart and lung examination without exception, to be highly vigilant of congenital choanal atresia may be timely to take the child to the hospital department of ENT. (Nanfang Daily) [related reading] 3 months old girl biliary atresia couple "relay" cut liver to save women

广州宝宝一吃奶脸就发紫 一查鼻孔先天性闭锁南方日报讯(记者 曹斯 实习生 谢欣茵 通讯员 林惠芳)一个多月的小轩轩(化名)自出生后,一吃奶脸色就憋得发紫,好像喘不过气来似的,喉咙里还好像总是有一口痰,会发出“呼呼”声。经医院检查发现,小轩轩患有一种罕见的先天性畸形——先天性双侧后鼻孔闭锁。23日,小轩轩终于接受了双侧鼻孔成形术,目前恢复良好。医生说,后鼻孔闭锁会影响孩子的鼻呼吸,需要紧急处理,让患儿能够张口呼吸,不然就有窒息风险。但长期只靠张口呼吸,患儿会出现颌面发育问题,且闭口或吃奶时,其呼吸困难会加重,从而拒绝吃奶,影响到小儿的营养摄入。严重的话,还会导致窒息死亡,建议尽早手术根治。然而确诊后,小轩轩父母带着孩子辗转全国多家医院,均因难度太大无法为其进行手术。几经周折后,小轩轩终于于在广东省妇幼保健院接受了双侧鼻孔成形术,清通了鼻孔中的闭锁组织,终于能够顺利呼吸。目前,小轩轩恢复良好,预计术后一周左右可以出院,此后半年仍需要放支撑管以扩张鼻道。负责本次手术的省妇幼耳鼻喉科邹宇副主任医师介绍说:“在胚胎发育过程中,位于原始鼻腔与原始口腔间的颊鼻膜,本应消失而形成‘孔’,若膜未能消退,便会堵塞后鼻孔阻碍呼吸。这种先天性畸形的发病率大概是1 8000到1 2万,单侧后鼻孔闭锁比双侧闭锁要常见一些。”为什么手术会这么难呢?邹宇解释道:“新生儿、小婴儿的鼻腔非常狭小,经鼻进路手术视野小,对手术器械及手术医生的技术要求较高,稍微有一些偏差,就可能会造成鼻中软骨畸形、鼻甲损伤,或造成附近的脑组织的损伤等。”据了解,广东省妇幼保健院目前已经能为6个月以内先天性后鼻孔闭锁患儿实施手术,其中最小一例是出生才4天的患儿。术后也不是就万事大吉了,邹宇说:“术后也有出现再闭锁的可能性,目前认为2岁前是闭锁发生率最高的阶段,所以对这类手术患儿,我们仍会继续随访到他2岁。从目前做过这类手术的患儿随访情况来看,最早的一例术后一年半,也暂未发生再次闭锁。”最后,邹宇提醒新手爸妈在育儿过程中,如果发现刚出生的小婴儿出现有呼吸困难,闭口、吃奶时面唇紫绀,张口啼哭时却可以得到缓解甚至消失,而且心肺查体无异常时,需高度警惕先天性后鼻孔闭锁的可能,应及时带孩子到医院耳鼻喉科就诊。(南方日报) 【相关阅读】3个月大女婴胆道闭锁 夫妻“接力”割肝救女相关的主题文章: