Guangzhou Tianhe losartan fishing village to create Internet plus

Guangzhou Tianhe losartan fishing village to build "Internet plus villages" Nanfang Daily News (reporter Chang Tao Li Wei Nan Huang Wei) "Ding Dong, Ding dong." Express little brother rang the doorbell, Liu Peifeng did not hurry downstairs, but took out a mobile phone, the screen showed a monitor screen door, click the unlock button, the door opened. On the morning of 14, "double 11" heat disappeared, Guangzhou city of Phoenix Street Tianhe District losartan Fishing Village rental, Liu Peifeng and many of the same business tenants are busy packing goods, send express (see photo by Liu Liqin). As losartan fishing village, Guangdong is accelerating the "grassroots" business "upgrade", into the fast lane. Losartan fishing village is a typical village, an area of 12 square kilometers, with more than 3 thousand rental housing. Because of convenient transportation, business, low cost of living, led to more than 2 thousand and 500 electricity supplier gathering to sell clothing, car accessories, is famous in Guangzhou, Taobao village". However, due to the lack of public investment in the past few years, the information technology facilities and community environment can not keep up, restricting the electricity supplier format bigger and stronger. Peace community wisdom upgrade project to the village development has brought a new dawn. At the beginning of last year, the first batch of candesartan was listed as the Tianhe District "three line" the villages, in August of this year to complete the rectification. At present, the all-optical network has covered 12 of the village economic cooperatives, the construction of 27024 fiber ports, 20 km line cleaning waste. Speed from the original 20M to 100M, not only to do business convenience, but also to watch high-definition tv." Liu Peifeng said. Not long ago, losartan fishing village has been included in the national development and Reform Commission wisdom "double" demonstration base demonstration project of China Telecom. To create "Internet plus" wisdom of ecological village, the parties will invest the money from the safe community, entrepreneurial environment, consumption patterns, all-round upgrade construction of fishing chastain. The newly completed intelligent access control system and public security system network, real-time monitoring of rental personnel entry, and authorized by the real name identity verification, mobile phone APP control means to open the door, greatly improves the safety of living environment. Go fishing in the Candesartan village, old filthy disappeared, the ground clean and tidy, ponds are installed on water purification system. Good public security environment, logistics fast, fast speed, comfortable community environment so that the electricity supplier "hit harder, Song Fengyang rented a 4 layer of nearly 900 square meters of rental housing to open a Tmall shop, the annual turnover of 40 million yuan; Liu Peifeng not only sell products, but also focus on product development, now has 4 car accessories patent. Next, plans to implement the online payment of water and gas costs, not out of households." Yu Chastain Shengda general manager of Economic Development Co., Ltd. Xu Xianbin said. Editor: GDN021相关的主题文章: