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Home-and-Family More and more in this economic climate, services provided by photographers in particular are being scrutinised by clients and prospects interested in saving money. There seems to be a public perception that all owner operated businesses should somehow give big discounts, yet they are quite happy to pay near list prices for other high value items from retailers without them having to justify their prices. In an effort to help those seeking the services of a photographer for their wedding, I’ve paraphrased some of the questions I am frequently asked and answered them! Q: We all know digital photography is free, so why is wedding photography not cheap? A: If you own a digital camera, yes, once you’ve bought your equipment for a few hundred pounds (camera, memory card and .puter), your photography is ‘free’, unless you want to print something. There are a few extra costs for you to factor in that a Professional Wedding Photographer has to cover. Items such as hard-drives, RAID enclosures and DVDs for storage and multiple back-up copies, significantly more expensive cameras and multiples of them for back-ups, professional quality lenses, professional indemnity insurance, business insurance, liability insurance, equipment insurance, top spec .puters, colour calibration systems, professional bodies and their subscriptions, website design, maintenance and hosting fees, a new suit every three or four months, brochures, sample albums, advertising, accountancy fees, utility bills, business rates and in.e tax. All these are just the outgoings pertaining to running the business, before they start to pay for things like food and the mortgage. Then there is the number of hours it takes for each wedding. Not just on the Wedding Day itself, but hours and hours of editing, processing images, retouching, printing, creating DVDs and designing albums. And what about contributing to the years of expertise, experience and professional development/training courses? Digital photography is much more time consuming than in the old days of film. Brides didn’t expect to have pictures of table favours, the speeches, in fact anything other than group pictures outside the church and maybe a smiley portrait of the happy couple. So the photographer shot his thirty-six pictures, took the film to the lab, where for a few pounds, someone else cropped, adjusted exposure, most importantly colour corrected, and printed all thirty six images. The key phrase in this paragraph is "SOMEONE ELSE"! The digital photographer is now expected to produce sometimes ten times as many images and do all the editing, cropping, colour correction, dodging, burning, exposure adjustment and retouching themselves. Finally, there is the law of supply and demand. The better the photographer, the more he will value his time and don’t forget, ‘profit’ is not a dirty word, it just keeps businesses running from one year to the next! Q: Ok, so a photographer has got to make a living, and I now understand that I’m not just paying for a few hours of standing around taking snaps. How .e wedding albums are so expensive then? A: As with all things in life, if you get something custom made, a one-off, personally designed for you and manufactured from the finest materials, often in another country, it’s not something you can .pare with the £2.99 paid in your local newsagent for a plastic paged book to stick prints in. Some of the album manufacturers we use put up to 50 man hours into producing one album. Even at minimum wage, that’s a £400 bill just for labour, before adding materials, printing, expenses, taxes, shipping. Q: Right, I really want to book you, but I don’t think my budget will stretch. Is there anything you could do to lower your prices? A: Well, I might answer by saying ‘is there anything you can do to increase your budget?’ it amounts to the same thing. Everything has a budget; it’s just a case of priority. You can always find a bit extra for your photography by saving little bits elsewhere. Look at the list of things to pay out for before your wedding, think a little about how long they will last, what the overall effect on the rest of your life together would be if you didn’t have it, and who is going to notice, apart from you if its not there. .pare that to the only permanent, life-long reminder of your wedding day and see what’s left! I hope you’ve found these explainations useful if you’re either looking for a photographer yourself or you are a photographer and have been asked these awkward questions! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: