Guy ear rake married to the United States most afraid of her mother to teach her daughter with China-mide-031

A small "rake ears" to marry daughter-in-law back to the United States are most afraid of China aunt taught her baby with Mr. Chen and Julia are a family of three photo Julia and baby whenever friends, Chongqing guy Chen Pinyi will become the focus of friends discussion, he went to study abroad to the United States for one year, he married daughter-in-law back to the United states. Today, his wife Julia not only settled in Chongqing, but also their own business. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned that the conquest of the foreign law is relying on the Chongqing guy rake ears character. Open studio daughter-in-law Daping golden hair, blue eyes, arms still holding a baby. "Hello, nice to meet you, I China has been more than two years, her husband is a native of chongqing!" Yesterday morning, Daping times street C shop, the reporter saw the 24 year old American girl Julia, not only her Mandarin fluently, even the pronunciation is very standard, although do not love to say Chongqing, but most Chongqing speak she can understand. Julia studied Chinese at University of Washington, met a 9 year old Chongqing guy in her first meeting with a foreigner. After graduating from college, she married Chen Pinyi in Chongqing and stayed in Chongqing. Julia said that although she speaks Chinese well, but it is difficult to find a common job, the average company feel that it is not necessary to find a foreign employee, and later, she found a job in a consulting firm. After the birth of the baby, she not only did not give up the original work, but also with her husband’s partner opened a children’s photography studio. Chongqing guy how to capture the ocean "goddess" girlfriend Chinese learning every day before email about Chen Pinyi told reporters that in 2012, Chongqing as the Third Military Medical University, University of Washington exchange students to study abroad for a year, Julia met in a foreign student exchange meeting, "when a friend joked that I need a girlfriend at the time. We feel very awkward, and later held several activities to meet her, each left a contact, I often ask her to dinner." Julia said that she was a Chinese major in college, two people often go together as volunteers, to help some Chinese scholars to visit the United States to do translation. The summer of 2012, as a social practice for three months she Chinese, Chen was still in a study in the United States, Chen Pinyi first came to know Chinese Julia would have encountered a lot of problems, he daily email Julia, about her life in China. I Chinese Julia have no other friends, Mr. Chen has become her object of communication. "I said that I didn’t want to give my parents a chance to study in China. He found a friend in Hangzhou who introduced me as an English teacher." Julia says. Girlfriend after a part-time job to drive back to the United States every day after the Julia, the two people often dating together, Chen Yi often invited Julia to watch movies, drink coffee. Julia said that her parents have four children, in order to reduce the burden on the family, she began to do a part-time job at the University, and sometimes work late, Chen Yi almost every day to drive her to work. Julia was finally moved by Chen Pinyi’s care, and offered to tell him. Juli gift相关的主题文章: