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Haikou Customs: mobile phone shell destroyed three concept – "do not" mobile phone as a modern "palm treasure", as the saying goes, "people rely on clothes horse saddle", so many people choose mobile phone mobile phone shell beautiful. However, some Haikou people claimed that the mobile phone shell business platform selling all kinds of printing, some pornography or violence model mobile phone shell is somewhat destroyed three concept". Check in the Taobao mobile phone shell vulgar pornography is easy to find "animation or live pornographic pictures, bloody severed fingers, disgusting droppings from the model have become mobile phone shell production elements, which are difficult to accept in adults, if let children see what will happen? Therefore, I hope the relevant departments to monitor." Haikou public Yang told the daily reporter. According to Mr. Yang said, the reporter opens taobao.com search "mobile phone shell", the random jump out of 100 pages of goods, reporters a page view, mobile phone shell of various styles, funny and lovely art, everything, is also a lot of kinds of materials: plastic, silicone, acrylic, soft rubber etc.. Mobile phone shell, the reporter saw a marked "sexy beauty, personality of original version lovers" behind the screen into two groups, one side is girl naked buttocks, and with a provocative gesture; another picture is biting her lips girl naked upper body. The seller say, this is a stylish protective shell, it used materials is the pattern part is metal aluminum plastic shell +PC combination of a (not all metal shell); environmental protection PC plastic shell material, smooth feel; pattern never fade; it has wear-resisting, anti shock, anti deformation the real effect, a full range of mobile phone protection, personality patterns show young character. Reporters saw the success of the commodity transaction 518, collection of popularity of 5486 people, priced at $19.9 -22.9 yuan. As the click of the commodity, the right side of the page appears similar to the pornographic elements of mobile phone shell, and there is no lack of some larger scale similar images. In addition, the reporter saw a price of 148 yuan for the "bloody hardcore case" in Taobao Internet, the mobile phone back shell is composed of ten eyes and eye tissue model, looks like a dozen badly mutilated and full of murderous, resentment, fierce eyes staring at you. The same bloody elements as well as the whole body blood milk cream silicone phone shell, looks very violent terrorist, the phone shell price 80 yuan. People do not buy a mobile phone shell vulgar also don’t want their families to buy full of pornographic and violent tone, mobile phone shell and terror will be recognized? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a lot of people in Haikou. I can not convince myself to buy a look at the creepy thing in his hand. Not only can not accept their own, but also can not accept the family to buy." Tao told reporters seriously, if it is a public officer or a business partner, talk about things or work time, holding a mobile phone shell, most of the points will be reduced. Because of their use of things, the show is personal preferences and temperament, there is such a bad thing it is difficult to make a good impression, she is very difficult to accept such a partner. City.相关的主题文章: