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Haikou will drop to 100 at the intersection of   slope pavement; convenient electric vehicles — people.com.cn Hainan window — people.com.cn people.com.cn Haikou Hainan windows on 9 October, in order to ensure the smooth electric bicycle through the intersection, Haikou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment implementation of slope sidewalk reconstruction, the elimination of electric bicycle traffic barriers, increase the non motor vehicle waiting area to improve traffic efficiency of electric bicycle. According to the 9.27 municipal government meeting to determine the spirit of the National Day holiday, the traffic police detachment to complete the transformation of the sea road and blue sky road intersection, such as the transformation of the 21 slopes. By the end of September 30, 2016, the Haikou registered electric bicycle ownership has reached more than 590 thousand units, the electric bicycle has become an important public transport travel, electric bicycle traffic management becomes more and more difficult, especially in the morning and evening peak hours main crossing busy roads, because the number of electric bicycles and get together in the traffic, traffic conditions limited traffic is low efficiency, directly affect the traffic efficiency of vehicles, causing traffic jams. Reporters saw at the entrance of the sidewalk in urban road, do not drop the intersection of slope treatment, curb high road 5-10 cm, some members of the public electric car ride not to be blocked, and more people ride electric vehicles, directly pushed to the motor lane, mixed with motor vehicles, traffic safety. In order to improve the efficiency of electric bicycle traffic at the intersection and road section, according to the Haikou municipal government leaders work deployment requirements, Haikou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment in the National Day period organize Hai Fu Road and China World Trade Center Road intersection, the blue sky and jade sand intersection and haixiu road along the line 21 intersection pavement slope engineering. Down the slope after the completion of the electric bicycle can borrow right sidewalk traffic or waiting to cross the street to traffic, thus increasing the electric bicycle crossing waiting area, so as to improve the efficiency of traffic. Through observation on the spot, the improvement effect of the cross section and the section of sidewalk slope is obvious. Are riding the electric car through the Binhai Avenue and the intersection of the Sea Avenue, said Mr. Chen, if there is also to do the edge of the stone slope treatment, after the electric car ride, it will not ride into the motor lane. Riding the electric car passing through the intersection of Mr Chong also said that he did not do after every slope of the intersection, are very tangled, he thinks, do not let down the slope, some do not obey the traffic rules have reason, or quickly improved, in order to solve the problem. It is understood that the next step in Haikou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment on the city’s main road electric bicycle traffic pavement research, plan a batch of long Kun Nan Lu, Nanhai Road, Red Lake Road, Causeway Road – Binjiang road – the road, Hing Road – beautiful garden road – 100 literary road intersection road the sidewalk down slope, the electric bicycle can route through traffic, to maximize the efficiency of electric bicycle traffic in the intersection, enhance the electric bicycle traffic convenience. (Mao Lei Chen Shiqing Li Shenglan) (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: