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Happiness The Happy Musing for the Day: Give a quick thought to your concerns and a longer one to your blessings. Well, we can’t forget about our everyday life and our everyday demands and our everyday bills, but we mustn’t let them consume us. Yes, a quick thought devoted to our concerns, then a plan of action, and then the best part — thoughts about our blessings. There is no end to those. At one point in my life I was gone. I was lost. I was on my way out. There was nothing left of me. I was on the verge of death. Then through a miraculous healing I was on the mend. I got better and better until I reached the point where I was well again. I was so grateful I vowed never to .plain about anything from then on. I had dissolved to where there was nothing left of me but consciousness. I could see what was important — life! Not things or circumstances, but life! So, I remind myself that during these difficult times, it is more important than ever to be happy and grateful. If you’re alive, it’s enough. Anything on top of that is a bonus. This may be as good as it gets circumstance-wise. But there are still big areas of growth we can attain with our hearts and minds. "Blessings" sounds like a religious term or a spiritual term. To me it is simply a life term. There are naught but blessings. These are gifts. When you have nothing, everything is a gift. Yes, if you really think about it, everything is a gift. From having family and friends to having a job or the possiblity of a job to having something to eat, a few clothes to wear and a place to sleep. These are the outside gifts, but there are the gifts inside — our ability to love, our ability to reason and our senses, sight, hearing and so forth, which we would not trade for a million dollars. Blessings do .e in all shapes and sizes. I’m not being passive about the circumstances we find ourselves in these days. It is just that I have always found that circumstances improve tremendously when a happy and grateful attitude is maintained. And even if those circumstances do not improve, the time working to improve them is so much more enjoyable when the heart is happy and the point of view is positive. So, I’ve .e to the conclusion that the best way to circumvent the present circumstances we all find ourselves in is to see them as blessings, ones that forces us to stretch our collective smile! Copyright 2009 Sally Huss "Life is wonderful! Don’t f.et it." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: