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Happy twist launched the "water" donkey hide a dagger behind a smile "" 20 release – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Yin Xuesong) following the first film "staggering box office Sherlock to worry about" a record of over 1 billion 400 million, second film "happy twist launched donkey water", will be released in October 20th. The film adaptation of the original drama, and drama is a considerable influence of sharp "hide a dagger behind a smile". Evening news viewing EMU will be invited to watch the film in advance in October 13th to participate in the event, please pay attention to the WeChat public number Yan Zhao star entertainment". The drama "water" donkey called "word of mouth God zero bad, the movie is the original drama director Zhou Shen Liu Lu, director, actor team also is mainly composed of the original drama team. The first time to see the "donkey" water Title audience is unclear, "donkey water" of what is it? The film’s trailer and posters will be a little bit of this burden shaking a little. "The donkey water" also called "Lv Deshui", "identity is a prominent family background, and study English teacher". But the trailer was indignant that "here is simply not what the teacher Lu Deshui". So, who is Lu Deshui? "Lu Deshui" and how to become a "donkey water"? It seems that all "ridicule" and "general turmoil" around him, and he has always been the first at the tail". The film follows the most original drama actor, solid performance skill should not be overlooked. Ren Suxi, Dali, Liu Shuailiang, Pei Kuishan, and so on, such as that, the king of the world, the king of the Republic of China, the king of the Republic of China, the film of the Republic of China in the film, such as that, the king, the king, the king, the king, the king and the king. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "". Asked why the film did not use Shen Teng and Ma Li known as the happy twist actor, happy twist CEO Liu Hongtao responded: "this team is the creator of this drama, their most profound understanding of this work, every person, every burden, every detail has been thoroughly tempered, on the stage we believe, this drama creation miracle team will bring you a out of the ordinary film."相关的主题文章: