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Happy twist "Li Cha aunt" Hangzhou release "burden" time – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, September 30 (Xie Panpan tuyi), laughter, applause and laughter, joy filled the theatre. The evening of September 29th, the famous comedy team happy twist drama latest masterpiece – "Li Cha’s aunt" staged in Zhejiang Hangzhou comedy. The sharp lines and a burden, let the audience laugh, it is reported that the play will last from September 29th to 30, two days of performances. Happy twist every year to launch a two stage play. This year’s masterpiece "Li Cha aunt" was launched by the majority of fans is very full, hard to get a vote. The theater is a fun twist team in Hangzhou this year for the first time. Happy twist executive director Liu Zi? Said: "Hangzhou has always been our team very love in Hangzhou, the audience of high quality, very warm, so the performance is always good". Map stills. Xu Hanwen. In fact, in the evening of 29 after the premiere, "aunt" Li Cha in Hangzhou "harvesting" a wave of good reputation, a lot of twist old fans said, even if the already familiar twist drama repertoire, but there is still a new surprise, did not let you down. "Aunt Li Cha" story inspired by the classic Broadway Comedy "aunt Charlie", the play tells the bank clerk Huang Canghai for men posing as millionaire promotion and salary raise aunt’s story, just wanted to get some benefits, but suddenly into a coveted wealth of flattery in the game. Is the main male actors played by Yellow Sea is undoubtedly the most dazzling star of the play. The bank clerk Huang Canghai, in order to promotion and salary raise dresser, posing as Li Cha’s aunt fupo. "Two faces" and "fine" performances, plus dozens of rushing upstairs downstairs, and half an hour, several men and women have to transform, starring a wry smile, "great pressure" "fear play goof" "really is dead". The fans are called, "twist actors are really too hard!" Map stills. Photo by Xu Hanwen as a happy twist drama, "Li Cha’s aunt" in addition to twist has always been good sharp lines and a burden, the complex relationship between the characters and the description of subtle drama of conflict set, let a person find everything fresh and new storytelling is the biggest drama aspect: two villas, four fake aunt shuttle a narrative space in the four room, encounter and dislocation of roles are strings together, with this space utilization, maximize the complicated story clues are hitherto unknown in the previous stage drama twist. Happy twist Marketing Manager Huang? Ting said, in order to ensure the quality of the show, let the audience Hangzhou experience better perception of the script also do not have new elements "joined the Hangzhou area Sichuan (Hangzhou classic delicacy)," also will according to the different number of audience reaction, make adjustments to play continuously. In this regard, Liu Zi? The happy twist is compared to the "soil Radish", "both down to earth, to fresh", he said, "we are happy twist production brings happiness, joy, hope that through our table)相关的主题文章: