Harbin to start a logic model to strengthen security work during the eleven-visualboyadvance

Start a logical model of Harbin eleven to strengthen security work during the reporter held in Harbin yesterday, the public security organs of the national security work meeting was informed that from now on, the city’s public security organs at all levels in the national security state, crack down on all kinds of crime, let people have a safe, happy and peaceful day festival. Vice mayor Ren Ruichen attended the meeting. Today, the city launched a military police patrol mode, to carry out security patrols, to effectively prevent and combat the streets all the illegal and criminal activities, strengthen the deterrent effect of public security. The major vicious criminal cases, criminal cases, telecommunications network model "robbery cheat" and usurpation cases, and cases quickly, timely elimination of influence, and increase the bag pickpocketing, robbery and theft and other illegal and criminal activities, to prevent the crackdown, to ensure maximum safety of the property of the public and tourists. According to the actual characteristics of the residents of the masses during the holiday travel, organizing groups, strengthen the residential security patrol control, effectively curb climbing burglary, robbery and other crimes corridor single women. During the festival to strengthen the public places of entertainment of the rectification, to crack down on pornography and other illegal crime and nuisance, rogue mob and other acts. Inventory of small hotels, Internet cafes, second-hand trading and other places, and timely detection of criminal personnel and clues, and shall be dealt with according to law. During the holiday season for people to travel, tourism, visiting relatives and friends to the actual traffic flow increased, around the strict regulation of drunk driving, running red lights and other traffic violations Luantingluanfang, strengthen road patrol, ensure the smooth road traffic order during the holiday.相关的主题文章: