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Harry Potter " dad " was lovelorn and Luna dating for a year and a half – Ivana Lynch and Robbie Sohu entertainment?? Jarvis broke up as James? Potter (Harry? Potter’s father) Robbie? Jarvis as Luna’s Irish actress Ivana? Lynch Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, in the "Harry Potter" played "Luna" Irish actress Ivana? Lynch (Evanna Lynch) in 2007, and the film of Harry Porter’s father Robbie? Jarvis (Robbie Jarvis) meeting, and in 2015 the public affair, did not expect that after a year and a half later, the woman appeared when the activity has publicly acknowledged and other news shocked the crowd broke up. Lynch recently appeared in the film monster and their origin, the premiere, and has been exposed to break up with Robbie – Jarvis. According to foreign media reports, Ivana said in an interview, said after breaking up with each other and are still friends, because each other as a vegetarian, so the next two people will participate in many vegetarian activities. In fact, Ivana Lynch? "Harry Potter" tour in 2007, and played "James? Potter (Harry? Potter’s father)" Robbie? Jarvis met two people, the screen seems to have no intersection, in real life, but once love couple, often in the past by the community, sharing with each other dinner, dating photos, but it was not until May 2015, in his 29 years old birthday a kiss as to love the exposure, did not think apart after a year and a half was declared broke, so many fans shocked.   相关的主题文章: