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Heating to the Xiangdang these knowledge workers to check the collection of fast heating valve is Xi’an officially opened today in the hope of warm heating, the public at the same time, met Water Leakage pipeline Lengrebujun home, how to solve? How to deal with the black wall inside the radiator? And after the start of heating throat pain, lit and so on, heating disease how to do? Heating during the troubles, the reporter interviewed relevant experts to solve small coup, let your peace of mind warm winter. When heating Water Leakage seepage should be timely treatment of heating, the people most worried about is Water Leakage pipeline, or radiator water seepage, in this case how timely treatment? Shaanxi QianNeng Thermal Engineering Limited company general manager Zhang Xile said, the heating facilities in the heating process, due to the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, there are individual radiator water seepage, but not a big water run accident. Encountered this phenomenon, the user should be timely inspection, for different situations to take different measures. Three kinds of seepage water seepage, seepage and serious seepage. On the phenomenon of slight water seepage (about five drops per minute) users can use water to connect the water, with the increase in water temperature, water seepage may be reduced. More than ten drops above is ooze water phenomenon, according to the actual situation, observe a period of time, about three to five days, if with the change of temperature, seepage loss, users can receive water appliances connected to the water. If severe seepage (more than 10 drops per minute) should contact the property. The radiator is Water Leakage or pipe, because the pipe joints or metal radiator natural aging or corrosion caused by leakage. If such a situation occurs, should immediately close the home water supply back to the main valve, to avoid leakage caused serious losses. At the same time, should promptly contact the property or maintenance company home maintenance. Indoor and outdoor temperature difference was found carefully to the public in January to January the following year, initial heating stage, home temperature can reach almost 18 degrees, but after January, home heating valve to reduce the real situation, the temperature will be low. Why is the time node in January? Xi’an thermoelectric heating Co. sunshine company customer service center responsible Zhang Xirong said that there are many reasons causing the indoor temperature difference, if the district heating system is working properly, this should be the area where the household occupancy rate is low, the heat transfer between the room next door neighbours, if used to warm the heat (generally heating pipe diameter is 15mm), the quantity of heat limited. The influence of outdoor temperature time indoor heating temperature difference on January, this is because the Xi’an at the beginning of the January, extremely easy to meet continuous low temperature extreme weather, because the outside temperature drop caused by abnormal heating temperature, room temperature is low. In this case, the heating enterprises should be appropriate to improve the heating parameters, improve the flow of primary network, while urging the property to increase the occupancy rate of the system in the area of the two network circulation, as far as possible to improve room temperature. Open valve heating is not hot gas to live high citizens Ms. Wang said, 13 days pre heating up to now, the neighbors have heat, their home tube feels half ice, can hear the sound of the water, this is why? Hu Fengzhao, deputy director of the Xi’an hi tech Zone, deputy director of customer service department, said that after heating, dry相关的主题文章: