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Heavy notice! Jinding live: targeting six types of potential gold shares of sina Level2:A shares of sina finance financial speed Kanpan: the most profitable client investors are on the line in the broadcast function by Sina Finance APP! At present, Siu Ming Tsui shares Jinding battlefield, empty void so close to a hundred well-known bloggers have been settled, the hunters quilt? Sell stocks on the whirlwind? Haven’t you ever caught a monster stock? This is not a matter, with a master of one to one guidance, what are you afraid of? We will invite bloggers every day after answering questions for everyone next, well-known blogger Jinding every day will prompt the investment opportunities, so we should buy what stocks? Want to know, come to sina finance APP and ask him face to face. Sina app download mengchuo [introduction]: the main broadcast international fund managers, in 1994, has been 20 years of game experience sea stock, has held important positions in several well-known institutions.     [live broadcast Characteristics] adhering to the "look at the general trend, seize the hot spot, choose the leader" nine word truth investment philosophy. Proficient in Gann theory, wave theory, delta theory, and found that the morphological genetic volatility, calculated at the inflection point of the continuous time, marketing and capital operation experience, independent view clear, original Jinding nirvana, record the stock market miracle, cases in vain! The fans’ questions, do answer. Time: February 18, 2016 15 – 16 in Sina Finance: Download app, click the view, select Jinding shares studio live battlefield interface sina finance APP capital market to winter? No problem!!! We have Sina Finance app holding together to warm up!!! Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion 重磅预告!金鼎直播:瞄准六类黄金潜力股 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   新浪财经APP直播功能上线了!目前金鼎股战场、徐小明、空空道人等近百位知名博主已经入驻,抄底被套?卖股就飙?没抓到过妖股?这都不是事,有了博主一对一的指导你还怕什么?   我们接下来会邀请博主每天盘后为大家答疑解惑,知名博主金鼎每天都会提示投资机会,那么我们该买哪些股呢?想知道就来新浪财经APP与他面对面的提问吧。新浪财经app下载猛戳   【播主介绍】金鼎:基金管理人,1994年入市,至今已有20年股海博弈经历,先后在多家知名机构担任重要职务。     【直播特色】秉承“看大势,抓热点,选龙头”九字真言投资理念。精通江恩理论、波浪理论、delta理论,发现形态遗传和时间波动率,擅长连续时间拐点的计算,市场及大资金运作经验丰富、观点独立明确,独创金鼎必杀技,屡创股市奇迹,例无虚发!对粉丝的提问,做到有问必答。   时间:2016年2月18日15点——16点   参与方式:下载新浪财经app,点击观点,选择金鼎股战场直播室 直播界面 新浪财经APP   资本市场寒冬到了?没关系!!!我们有新浪财经app抱团取暖!!! 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: