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Hebei Xingtai a kindergarten teacher kindergarten students were expelled by corporal punishment rectification – Beijing new network in Xingtai in November 7, (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui) for network video "Xingtai city a kindergarten teacher corporal punishment of children", deputy director of the Xingtai Municipal Education Bureau West Li Yongan said that the investigation of the video case, the west of Xingtai City Bureau of education the kindergarten has been ordered to dismiss the corporal punishment of children teacher Nie Fangfang, also asked the park rectification. November 3rd, an online Xingtai Sunshine Kindergarten Teacher corporal punishment student in Jiahe, Xingtai and the local public platform on the Internet quickly spread, causing the majority of Internet users and parents concerned. In this regard, Xingtai Qiaoxi Education Bureau informed that, after investigation of the video case, November 1st Xingtai sunshine Jiahe kindergarten teacher of this class children indeed Nie fongfong Yang Moumou of corporal punishment. After the incident, the zoo asked Nie Fangfang to make a written examination, and was suspended. At the same time, the kindergarten has been sent to the hospital for examination and treatment of Yang Moumou, and apologize to the parents to admit mistakes, commitment to bear the cost of inspection, the exemption of all tuition fees for children in the garden. Deputy director of Xingtai Municipal Bureau of education Li Yongan said the west, Jiahe Sunshine Kindergarten for private kindergarten, the parents and the zoo is currently undergoing mediation. The education sector has been ordered to dismiss the kindergarten teacher Nie Fangfang, while requiring rectification of the park, and informed the region. (end)相关的主题文章: