Hechi men at home to work overtime sudden death-beself

Hechi men at home to work overtime sudden death? Contemporary life newspaper reporter   Wang Si   correspondent   Ying Cao   the core of the tip of Hechi, a man Gan man received a notice of leadership, temporary work at home on Sunday to catch up with the material written in. Because of overwork, Gan fainted at dinner, sudden death due to cerebral hemorrhage. Gan such a death, can not be considered work-related injuries? Local social and social Bureau of the two Gan Gan is not considered a work-related injury, Gan’s family refused to accept the local people’s court to court. Recently, after the Jinchengjiang District Court in Hechi, people’s social bureau finds that the facts are not clear to be revoked, ordered the agency to re identify. People experience man in the home to work overtime after the sudden death of   Social Council two times that Gan is not claiming for compensation of workers in an institution in Hechi City, is mainly responsible for the production of radio and television equipment maintenance and TV documentary. May 17, 2015 is Sunday, Gan received a unit in charge of the leadership of the phone, asking him to modify the production of a promotional film on the same day, the next day need to use. Home has a computer, Gan will not go back to the office to work overtime, but overtime at home to sort out the relevant information. 6 pm that day, Gan suddenly felt unwell, some dizziness, then lie down and rest. Gan a lover grind a think, Gan a week before the work tired, Sunday overtime, he has been overloaded work, too tired, and thus cause dizziness. 7 o’clock that night, Gan a dinner at the dinner table, suddenly fainted. Family will be willing to help the rest of the bed, no improvement, then call the 120 emergency call for help. Xu 7:30 that night, the doctor arrived at a home, 10 minutes after being sent to a hospital. The doctor diagnosed, Gan is a brain stem hemorrhage, and the corresponding treatment of a gan. But unfortunately Gan in May 19th of that year to 19:31 death, the hospital diagnosed as cerebral hemorrhage death. After the death of Gan, Gan a unit for his treatment of work-related injuries. But the Hechi city human resources and Social Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as Hechi city and Social Council) but that Gan is not in work time and work on the disease to die, decided not to be regarded as work-related injury (death). Gan a lover grinding a complaint, then filed an administrative reconsideration, the Hechi municipal government revoked the Hechi Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, and asked the Hechi Municipal Bureau of human resources and social affairs to make a decision. In January 12th this year, Hechi city and Social Council to similar reasons made the "decision" not to identify injury, think Gan "not in time", "no jobs", its incidence in the "dining", "save more than 48 hours, it is not to identify injury treatment. The two sides dispute at home is not work overtime after injury   eating Ye count lover is at home to work overtime after a sudden illness, why not inspect with inductrial injury? Mill refused to accept, in May 4th this year, the Hechi Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security on the court of Hechi District, Jinchengjiang. A mill that Hechi City People Club Bureau of the "Regulations" on the "industrial injury insurance work time and work" one-sided understanding, and understanding on the "eat" and "save more than 48 hours of the first time is the wrong understanding, not.相关的主题文章: