Hefei elderly eligible enjoy free medical examination-icesword

Old Hefei meet the conditions provided free medical   October 28th morning, Hefei City fifteen twenty-ninth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee passed the "Hefei home-based care services Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the "Regulations" of old-age pension service facilities, medical services and other regulations will be forward-looking, the elderly "amulet". Hefei Municipal People’s government will be based on the regulations for the development of home care services implementation details. Residential supporting services for the elderly home care services, the core and key in the grassroots government departments and communities. "Regulations" provides that the new residential areas supporting the construction of home care services and facilities, should be synchronized planning, simultaneous construction, simultaneous acceptance, simultaneous delivery. Home care services and facilities should be set up in the following three layers to facilitate access to the elderly and activities to meet the conditions of ventilation and sunshine. Community home care services and facilities do not meet the requirements, the county (city) District People’s Government shall be resolved through the purchase, replacement, leasing, transformation, etc.. In accordance with the requirements of the newly built residential areas should be in accordance with the per hundred households use area of not less than thirty square meters of standard home-based care services for housing; completed residential areas in accordance with the per hundred households use area of not less than twenty square meters of standard home-based care services for real. In addition, the Hefei Municipal People’s government, county (city) District People’s government should strengthen community ramps and handrails, elevator and so on are closely related to old people’s daily life, public service facilities planning, construction, renovation, maintenance, supervision, reform to support the elderly home accessibility and maintenance. Improve the community drug reimbursement system "Regulations" requirements, improve the basic medical insurance community drug reimbursement system, and gradually will be included in the scope of the basic old-age pension insurance. The people’s Government of Hefei City, county (city) District People’s Government shall establish personal health records to comply with the conditions of the elderly, to provide a free annual routine physical examination, to provide free medical care for the elderly poor support; subsidies for more than eighty years of age in the elderly, give special care to the elderly over the age of one hundred; for more than seventy years of age, the prevalence of mobility for disabled people to provide on-site accreditation and notary services; provide notarized wills, property notarization, recourse alimony and other legal aid services; elderly, disabled elderly people reached the required number of communities to provide day care services. The establishment of health records for the elderly community health services is one of the most urgent needs of the elderly services, but also the focus of the construction of home care service system. The "Regulations" clearly, the people’s Government of Hefei City, county (city) District People’s Government shall establish health records and electronic medical records for the elderly, disease prevention, injury prevention, psychological counseling, self-help and self health care and health guidance; carry out the family doctor service, carry out the common diseases and chronic diseases, medical care, rehabilitation guidance other services for the elderly; to provide compliance of outpatient appointment and referral services for the elderly in the community first diagnosis, patients with chronic disease; guidance of community health service institutions, the establishment of family doctor.相关的主题文章: