Hefei teacher interpretation of the college entrance examination program supporting a high school so-cancam

The formal introduction of Hefei college entrance examination teacher reading supporting the program a senior high school learning pressure or larger with the "Anhui version of the college entrance examination reform program" two supporting scheme, senior high school students enrolled in 2018 will usher in a new style of college entrance examination. What are the changes in the academic level of the "6 choice 3" in the future? In high school, how will the teaching method change? Yesterday, interpretation of the two policy invited Hefei a teacher. The background of the reform in November 24th, the "Anhui version of the college entrance examination reform program" two supporting scheme (the "Anhui Province ordinary high school proficiency test implementation measures" and "Anhui Province ordinary high school students’ comprehensive quality evaluation of implementation measures") formally introduced. Under the new plan, our province high school students interest in accordance with the requirements to apply for college and their own expertise in the future, in politics, history, science, and 6 subjects in the "free collocation" in 3 grade test scores included in the college entrance examination. Teacher: Hefei a senior director of the Department of Xu Zugang interpretation: two program will promote the establishment of "changes in high school class teaching evaluation system" proficiency test and the overall quality of the content, teaching arrangements will inevitably bring about changes, especially the stage of high school teaching focus will be great changes, so we should early research, early preparations. In particular, we should pay attention to the two aspects of school and students to adapt to the new changes and make corresponding adjustments and arrangements, the education authorities should make corresponding changes. From the school, the school teaching arrangements should be changed, the true meaning of the class class learning mechanism should be established, including breaking the boundaries of administrative class and grade; the school should change the evaluation mechanism, to examine students’ comprehensive ability is the key, not plan to clear requirements of students’ exam results and evaluation of teachers. Reading two: students in the professional choice to be more targeted from the students’ perspective, more changes, students should make reasonable arrangements for three years of study and examination according to their ability to learn, to meet the needs of qualified examinations, students need to make great efforts to learn, otherwise qualified may have problems; in order to meet the needs of grade examination, students according to their own interests, and with the students comprehensive comparison, especially a more clear understanding of their own life occupation planning, so we can make the right choice. In addition, with the change of the length of the exams and the way, from the actual length of time and the change of examination form separate subjects, examination pressure will be even greater. In particular, is not only the pressure of learning, the key is to choose the pressure, therefore, under the new policy, parents and students should have personalized arrangements as soon as possible, especially the child’s occupation planning, so you can do more targeted, more resilient. On the education authorities, as soon as possible to change the evaluation mechanism and education management mechanism is the key. Reading three: evaluation of the overall quality of students will pay more attention to the "process" in the future, students’ comprehensive quality evaluation of senior high school should pay more attention to the evaluation process, the evaluation contains 5 indicators, respectively is the ideological and moral, academic level, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment, social practice. General high school students’ comprehensive quality evaluation相关的主题文章: