Hefei, the new center of the east end of the plan will be released by the new landmark reconstructio-zhongguorentiyishu

Hefei, the new center of the east end of the plan will be released by the new landmark reconstruction of the main city of the international pattern, the country’s top planning and design institutions, experts describe how the new blueprint for the eastern part of Hefei? On October 28th ~30, Hefei new city center in the eastern concept of core area planning and design review meeting in Hefei "contest". Five after the global tender into the design competition of the design units one by one out of the big move, eventually, planning of Southeast University in Nanjing city planning and Design Institute Co. Ltd. won the first prize, and the final new center in eastern Hefei concept planning and design, will be through public bidding, and integrate the design according to the winning project, plans to announce at the end of December this year. [contest] Southeast University city planning and Design Institute to win in January 2016, the new Hefei Center East construction plan put forward. In July 22nd the internationalization of the completion of the tender opening, 51 design units consisting of 29 teams to participate in the tender. After the comprehensive score, the final selection of 5 high-quality design units into the program design competition. This round of review links, a total of 10 members of the review committee, both urban planning and design authority and senior experts. The judges first in October 28th in Yaohai district investigation center in eastern Hefei new core area, the 29 day began to plan reporting, review, evaluation results announced in the afternoon. The first concern, won by Southeast University in Nanjing city planning and Design Institute Co. Ltd., the new concept of "Eastern Hefei city center planning and design of the core area of" planning and design experts to obtain the most high score. Shenzhen city planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. and Greenview division (Hassell Limited) and the combination of Guangzhou City Planning Survey and design institute won the second, third, Chinese city planning and Design Institute and CRTKL (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and the combination of architectural design and Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology respectively by fourth and fifth. [center] experts on the new East will support five Tim Dongcheng design based on the development trend of Hefei city and in the country strategy positioning, combined with the history and status of the target block, put forward their own views and solutions focus on ecological restoration, industrial planning, industrial heritage protection and utilization, traffic control, road network space point of view, bright scene, with all ages, by the praise of experts judges. One of the judges, the Tsinghua University School of Architecture Professor Yin states from "science, public record, creative point of view of the eastern part of the new planning center. Lack of support for a city in eastern Hefei, Hefei, the proposed new center in the East, coincides with the time. The functions of the residents in the eastern part of the central planning must be strengthened. In the process of industrial heritage, the system of the idea of protecting the preferable treatment, Shougang site is worth learning, protective measures should be considered in advance." One of the judges, vice president of China City Planning Association Wu Jianping said that the gradual development of ideas, protection type development idea is worth considering, there must be a scientific grasp of the development degree, but also have to deal with the impact of capital strength.相关的主题文章: