Henan police station was set up to investigate the death of 3 men without fruit-mmc.exe

Henan police man death local investigation team set up to review 3 months of fruitless CNR net Qinyang on October 30th news (reporter Wu Zhehua) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that in July 18th this year, China Voice reported: Henan Jiaozuo Qinyang City, a man sent MI in the police station from 120 ambulance to the nearest hospital visits it is the 110 stop, originally 1 minutes, the ambulance arrived at the past 25 minutes, finally the man died. After the news broadcast, Qinyang once again set up a joint investigation team to review, but over the past three months time, the results were not released. Set up an investigation group, is to strengthen the power of ascertaining the facts, or to respond to public opinion shield? Originally 1 minutes away, life-saving ambulance, but a full run of more than 25 minutes. Two local investigation team set up, for the first time did not find the problem, the second did not publish the results of the survey. In April 28th this year at 14:30 in the afternoon, Qinyang man Zhou Shulei et al and Qinyang Fuchu hospital doctor Zhang, with traffic accident compensation disputes, the 110 call, the police will be brought to the police station, Zhou Shulei et al, Zhou Shulei was asked separately for nearly 20 minutes, the sudden myocardial infarction. 15:35 01 seconds, then at the scene of the first call Chen Yajie 120. Chen Yajie recalls: "he said uncomfortable when I immediately hit 120, I said the police station someone fainted, (120) he said Oh, right now! I remember very clearly, the other side is a man." But the ambulance finally arrived at the police station in time is 16 points in 0 minutes and 45 seconds, from Chen Yajie for the first time to call 120 has been in the past 25 minutes and 44 seconds. Distance from the nearest hospital is in the police station, hospital Huai Fu Zhou Shulei and Dr Zhang dispute, the police station and the hospital is only 765 meters away, drive to need 1 minutes only, Zhou Shulei eventually due to acute myocardial infarction area, after she died. Joint investigation team leader Li Yuewen, the death of Zhou Shulei has revealed that the 120 emergency center has an urgent request from the hospital with the house recently sent a car, but the 110 feedback said, because Zhou Shulei just disputes in Fuchu hospital and Doctor Zhang, "fear of conflict", and then reassigned far the people’s Hospital of Qinyang city bus. "After sending a house hospital, the hospital with a house out of the car, 110 phone call, you do not go, and sent to the people’s Hospital, people are good, afraid of conflict." Family: "you say is 110 don’t let the hospital?" Li Yuewen and the Secretary: "that’s what it means. Is not to let go, is to send." In the save and avoid conflict, the local 110 and 120 chose the first to avoid conflict and save. After the incident, the establishment of a joint investigation team in Qinyang. May 20th, announced the findings: "the staff of Qinyang City Public Security Bureau police station, 110, 120 in the command center in Zhou Shulei in the death of behavior, can not constitute the crime of dereliction of duty", but the report did not reason for the ambulance arrived late for an explanation, no one is therefore accountability. Voice of China reported on the incident in July 18th, the Qinyang authorities to respond quickly"相关的主题文章: