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Henan Wei Gucheng construction department has started to protect the new agency in Zhengzhou state capital of the largest Zhou Dai in November 4 Xinhua (reporter Li Guigang) Henan provincial cultural relics department 4 news, Wei Gucheng is located in Henan of Qixian County has started the Gucheng protection facilities construction projects, Gucheng was the capital of China Wei Zhou Dynasty period of one of the biggest states. Historical records, Gucheng’s two city called Chaoge is located in Henan, Qixian County. Anna was a history of Gyeonggi Province, the late Shang Dynasty has 4 emperors built in this city. Eleventh Century BC, the Shang Dynasty perish, and then become patriotic country Chaoge, become a vassal China was the largest. Henan cultural relics department 4 news, Qixian County has started an official patriotic Gucheng protection facilities construction projects, the work has been carried out gradually. The official said Qixian County, Gucheng Wei protection construction project plans to invest nearly 8 million yuan. The cultural relics protection facilities on the one hand, the promotion and use of cultural relics protection in Gucheng patriotic work; on the other hand, through the establishment of Gucheng Wei Archaeological Park to show the former prosperous Chaoge, convenient for people to visit and study. At present, the Qixian County authorities have organized cultural relics, tourism, land and other departments, the project involved in the land within the scope of the buildings, trees, ditches, graves and other conditions were investigated and assessed, the next step will be land acquisition and demolition and project construction. (finished) (China News Network)

河南启动卫国故城保护建设 曾系周代最大诸侯国都城   中新社郑州11月4日电 (记者 李贵刚)河南省文物部门4日消息称,卫国故城所在地河南淇县已经启动卫国故城保护设施建设项目,卫国故城曾经是中国周王朝时期最大一个诸侯国的都城。   史料记载,卫国故城俗称朝歌二道城,位于河南淇县。朝歌历史上曾是京畿之地,殷商晚期先后有4位帝王在此建都城。公元前11世纪,殷商灭亡后,朝歌继而成为卫国国都,成为当时中国最大的一个诸侯国。   河南文物部门4日消息称,淇县官方已启动卫国故城保护设施建设项目,各项工作已经逐步开展。   淇县官方称,卫国故城保护建设项目计划投资近800万元人民币。一方面完善文物保护利用设施,促进卫国故城的文物保护及利用工作;另一方面通过筹建卫国故城考古遗址公园来展示朝歌的昔日繁盛景象,方便民众参观、学习。   目前,淇县官方已经组织文物、旅游、土地等部门,对项目涉及的土地范围内的建筑物、树木、沟渠、坟墓等情况进行了现场登记调查、评估,下一步将进行征地拆迁及项目建设。(完)   (中国新闻网)相关的主题文章: