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High net worth individuals, the reduction should be part of the estate and the original title: Ma Guangyuan: high net worth individuals, the reduction should be a part of the real estate Author: Ma Guangyuan source: public number Guangyuan see the economy "purchase credit limit are not? Certainly useful. Look at the cliff of the market volume fell to know. But the restriction of credit policy to play what role, there must be a correct interpretation. The purchase of credit limit, is in China real estate market under the condition of hitherto unknown madness, managers have resorted to a helpless. The purpose is very simple, I am afraid that now do not take the initiative to cool the market, the market once the irrational fire spread, may lead to systemic risk of China’s economy, which is not willing to see. Keynes speaks of the spirit of animals in China every time the asset price bubble inflated, will be the performance of the most incisive. For this year’s market performance, I have said two things: first, to take stock to relax real estate policy is questionable, because, in the market differentiation is very serious under the condition of insufficient supply of small and medium-sized city big city housing serious excess could not eat the same kind of medicine. All the city to take a policy, make the most mistakes; second, overall easing results take certain big city house prices rose, and the need to go to the city of quantity and price stays on inventory. The actual performance of the market to prove these two points. So, now take the restriction of credit, in fact, is to relax the real estate policy to pay. Frozen in the market, I also noticed that the outside world is very worried about China’s real estate will have a crash cycle. About this problem, I suggest that your judgment on many occasions, fell not policy options, not only means that the economy lost Chinese fell after the real estate will pull into power vacuum, also means that the risk of falling prices will keep cash, this is any person who is not willing to see. So, in the market after freezing, Prime Minister Li Keqiang noted that real estate in Macao speech, his words is this: now the risk of debt, Chinese outside of the real estate market and other aspects of some of the comments, I think, on these issues should be objective and comprehensive view. From the real estate market, the new urbanization in the future Chinese also experienced a long process, the housing demand will show a growth trend. According to some current China differentiation trend of the real estate market, we will strengthen, but also strengthen the main responsibility of the local government, because of the city due to security measures, and strive to achieve the basic housing needs of residents, housing, and to take effective measures, in accordance with the national and city characteristics of measures to promote the healthy development of the real estate market stability. In short, we have the confidence and ability to achieve the main goal of economic and social development this year, is also determined to hold no systemic and regional financial risks, and lay a solid foundation for the stable development of next year. These words are in fact for the market propaganda: don’t panic. Because long-term demand is still. However, he also said, to live, to the healthy development of the real estate, not health. The last point is particularly important, he mentioned the systematic financial risk.相关的主题文章: