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Higher vocational college students lack of   "the hole" why continue to expand education — people.com.cn original title: shortage of Higher Vocational College Students "hole" why continue to expand the enrollment of higher vocational colleges. The crisis has been a big problem hindering the development of higher vocational colleges, and zero Toudang also makes some vocational colleges in an awkward position – related practitioners believe the local government does not understand the actual situation, reduce the vocational college students, blindly increase the enrollment plan, or regardless of students, blind approval of vocational school, perhaps is one of the main reasons for higher vocational colleges to recruit students – "all things are, only reading high" the thought still exists, people still do not attach importance to occupation education, he looked down on occupation education – Jiang Dayuan think, should give the same treatment of occupation education students and ordinary undergraduates and promotion way, But also in the countries with internal policy, industry policy, and further increase the power of artisans "treatment, the implementation of the policy when coming to an end once a year of college admission work, as merit admission last year, enrollment in higher vocational colleges are social concern. Students in higher vocational colleges is always let suck ", is one of the bottlenecks of the development of Higher Vocational colleges. However, China Youth Daily? Found that vocational Toudang case youth online reporter through the investigation in some provinces, the shortage of students "big hole" continues to expand, which exposed a lot of problems of the system must be changed. Zero Toudang frequency is, the higher vocational college students in Higher Vocational Colleges’ winter crisis of students is always a big problem hindering the development of higher vocational colleges, and zero Toudang also makes some vocational colleges to survive in an embarrassing situation. This year, the province’s Higher Vocational enrollment work is nearing completion, some of the school’s students have not been alleviated, and even intensified trend. In August 16th, Shaanxi province launched in 2016 in Shaanxi Province ordinary higher school enrollment in higher vocational (specialist) batch Toudang official statistical data. The reporter found, this time in Shaanxi to attend the enrollment history class in 541 universities, including 150 schools in the province suffered zero Toudang; 584 science and engineering colleges, zero Toudang institutions up to 106. In addition, the province’s colleges and universities also have a large enrollment situation. The Shaanxi Clothing Engineering College in 2016 and historical merit plan number 758 people, the actual Toudang 81 people, science and engineering actual enrollment of 748 people, 10 people actually Toudang Toudang, less than 2% of the Shaanxi science and engineering; Vocational Institute of Electronic Science and Technology planned enrollment of 1860 people, 335 people actually Toudang Toudang, is only 18%. In fact, from the recruitment of vocational colleges to see the situation, the number of planned enrollment in some provinces have been gradually reduced. Hunan Province in 2016, the number of vocational college enrollment plan 4145 people, while the number of vocational training program in 2015, the number of people, in 2014 the number of vocational college enrollment plan of 8332 people. Although there are cases of dissatisfaction every year, some provinces are still expanding the scale of Higher Vocational enrollment. For example, the number of Vocational Colleges in Jiangsu Province in 2016 was 13227, an increase of more than last year, compared with last year, while the number of 2325, while the number of people in the last year increased by more than 20相关的主题文章: