Hongkong July retail sales fell 7.7% or even fell for 17 months-3u8895

Hongkong July retail sales fell 7.7% fell for 17 months – China news agency new network in Hongkong on 29 August, the Hongkong SAR Government Statistics Department 29 announced the latest retail sales figures show that the estimated total retail sales in July temporary value of HK $34 billion 600 million, down 7.7%, fell for 17 consecutive months; deduction price changes over the period, the total volume of retail sales in July fell by 8.5%. Compared with the same period last year, jewelry, watches and gifts in July fell 26.2%; department store goods fell by 6.9%; electrical and photographic equipment fell by 21.8%. On the other hand, supermarket goods rose 1.9%; clothing rose by 1.8%; drugs and cosmetics rose by 9%; food, alcoholic drinks and tobacco rose by 1.3%. A government spokesman said that despite the July retail sales year-on-year decline over the past two months, slightly narrowed, but retail sales remain weak, mainly by the visitors in the price of consumer goods to reduce drag, but also reflect the consumer sentiment in the economic uncertainties more cautious. In the future, retail sales in the short term outlook will depend on the inbound tourism performance, and whether the various peripheral environment uncertainties will affect consumer sentiment. (end)相关的主题文章: