Hot police overlord flower exposed Cantonese notice overlord flowers to fight the battle of life and-vidalia

"Hot" police bawanghua exposure notice bawanghua Ying Cantonese entertainment director and life and death battle – Sohu bawanghua photo stills bawanghua instructor training stills Joyce Cheng surprised Sohu entertainment news from the "Mermaid" executive director Qian Guowei, producer Huang Yongfeng, Joyce Cheng, He Peiyu etc. cenlixiang, starring the film "spicy police overlord flower" will in November 18th to see the country, today party official exposure Cantonese version trailer. Back in the trailer the villain is the end of Mami, bawanghua usher in a life and death battle. Hong Kong police sent Confidante spicy hot start with the pattern of deadly killer climax as a pure blood of the Hongkong comedy action movie, "spicy police overlord flower" has been sustained attention and enthusiastic fans Hong Kong Hong kong. To this end, the film side customized Cantonese version of "fight to the death" notice to let the fans see in advance, advance the feelings brought Cantonese version of true feelings. Especially the trailer exposure of the ultimate battle scenes, a provocative bawanghua "just a few" to combat rushed warming, straight let the enemy a "overlord flower I want to see a killing one,". There is in the hands of firepower triggered at any moment, guns, causing the audience a strong look. At the same time the trailer picture without losing the funny plot, let the people of Hong Kong language interpretation of unique image contrast. The most absorbing eye is Hongkong comedian Joyce Cheng, she was lying on the big Carnival Bracelet mad earthquake male, "Meng Liao underwear Launcher" yijizhiming success to help the team out of the tight encirclement is thick and heavy in colours and all the beautiful pen, the action comedy plot is even more be too numerous to enumerate. The trailer stars gathered Yan burst table values cenlixiang led chest leg funny without limit the Cantonese version of the trailer "king of flowers" together, TVB, Hongkong popular Huadan cenlixiang star two generation Joyce Cheng, eight, He Peiyu Cui Bijia, the goddess of die plump woman how heavy loaded Peimin Kung Fu battle, more popular actress Stephy Tang and Shirley Yeung join as the old generation spicy police overlord flower and Malaysia star Tong Bingyu and supermodel Jessica C strength passion back, chest leg brighten. In addition, Menzerna joined the film added surprise. Not only the "dragon" of the birth of Bruce Lee played by Wu Yunlong, is "young" in the "wrapping" played by Lin Xiaofeng and the "big" actor Kar Lok Chin cameo, two people played underworld gangster hand tuning bawanghua. The movie "spicy police overlord flower" will be released in November 18th in major theaters nationwide.相关的主题文章: