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How do people become a step by step to enhance the sexy value? Yu Ga opened the Keep Yu Ga course, listening to soothing music, followed by the video to stretch the body, gradually calm. Model & Keeper:jessie is registered as before the training course so full of strength, she became soft, one by one kind of ethereal beauty, many fans refer to: finished practicing yoga course was in love with her, how to do? Time is fast, this is my sixth year of yoga practice. My first contact with yoga is not a big goal, simply to heal the hurt. The university is sentimental, then feel like falling down like a lovelorn day, I let myself be busy, do not stop to participate in activities, at night to go to the playground, get very tired. At that time it was thin, after a storm of more than a dozen pounds, others say that I am thin like ‘dry’. I have been negative for more than 2 months and my roommate encouraged me to try yoga. Self discipline is not a restraint, is self – management of my body before carrying too many negative emotions. In order to divert attention, I began to focus on each breath, more attention to the body and inner, and gradually release the negative emotions. I began to practice yoga regularly, gradually feel the positive energy brought to me by yoga, the deeper the deeper, has been insisting to practice today, a full 6 years. Yoga cured my feelings hurt, I learn to manage emotions to lay down their minds, the attitude of the people more peaceful and friendly. I began to learn to find the life of small indeed fortunate: scattered in front of the beautiful purple flowers in front of the door of the company to enjoy the corner. What is more than the enjoyment of the moment, feeling of life in the little better happy? Through the practice of yoga, ease my years of low back pain, corrected the pelvis is not correct, and even troubled me for a long time dysmenorrhea, are no longer my trouble. Physical changes also make me more addicted, the body becomes more symmetrical, better muscle lines, the whole is also more assertive. Is there any wonder? I didn’t think of yoga on the first day. Freedom is not indulgence, is the heart of faith when I bring all the benefits of yoga, I have spread it to more people think, fortunately first yoga instructor encountered, changed the course of my life. I feel like I’ve lived so long for the first time I met something I really loved, and I really appreciate it. In college I do yoga teacher, to go out after class coaching qualification, the first interview was also scared to suppress wages; then my course is ranked more full, every day around, although busy but very happy and energetic, never feel tired; then suddenly my parents back home. Wuhan yoga clubs and private students for more than a month, just for I don’t want to change back to the teacher. I enjoy doing yoga teachers every moment, contact with a lot of different magnetic fields, in the teaching of yoga, I am also learning, to receive the energy they bring me. More important is to help a lot of people to improve the mentality of the body, often see their changes, thanks, I would like to: Yoga is brought to me, we must cherish. General相关的主题文章: