How Hiring A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Earn More Money-solid converter

UnCategorized It may seem backwards, but it’s a simple fact that there are times you need to spend money to make money. Hiring a virtual assistant is one of these times. It’s going to cost you up front, but the rewards will be great, no doubt. First of all, hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to outsource the tasks you do not enjoy doing or have a hard time ac.plishing. When faced with an unpleasant task, many people procrastinate. If this happens to you, this can leave your business at a stand still. When you hire a virtual assistant to take on the tasks that you do not enjoy, you will feel like a heavy weight has been lifted. You will rest assured that the task is getting done and will be able to stop thinking about the task that you do not enjoy and focus on other parts of your business. For example, let’s say that you decided to outsource your email and accounting to a virtual assistant. If these are tasks you used to dread, you may have actually wasted a lot of time procrastinating before you started them, and when you worked on them, you may have been very easily distracted. This could lead to a one-hour task taking three hours to .plete. By outsourcing them, you will now have an extra three hours a day, or fifteen hours per week to work on tasks you enjoy. However, that doesn’t mean you should work on them. If it is cheaper for you to outsource these tasks, you should consider doing so. This will free up more of your time, allowing you to work on marketing your business and creating new projects. How do you know if outsourcing these tasks would be cheaper than doing it yourself? Take a look at how much you earn and divide that into an hourly wage. For example, let’s say you earn $5000 per month from your business and you work 30 hours per week. You are earning almost $40 per hour. You can find a virtual assistant to take on some of the tasks you enjoy for around half that. You will still be making a profit, and you will have more time to work on the activities that draw people to your business, thus increasing your profits even more. You will be amazed when you see just how much more work you can get done and how much more time you will when you hire a virtual assistant. It may be one of the best business decisions you ever make. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: