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Book-Marketing I first wanted to write a book when I was 24-years old working in Hong Kong. I carried this passion through my 20’s and 30’s. It wasn’t until I started writing philosophy papers that I realized I could write original poems from my theories. One day I was struck with the creative muse! Twenty minutes later I completed six poems. I started creating websites to showcase my work. But I still felt incomplete, unworthy, and sad. My websites and my poems were not well-known, or even publicly available. Even my family and friends were quiet about my writings. I realized that I would forever be unhappy and unsatisfied unless I could find an established authority to support my writing and help me share my work with the world. But finding an establishment was difficult. I continued to look as I continued to write. Then in 2006 I stumbled across a website for authors who want to self-publish. That website was: Outskirts Press. Many Authors Are Now Becoming Self-Published Authors Because… * Traditional publishers are picky! They take your rights, require you to have a marketing platform, and take up to 2 years to publish your book. * Self-publishing authors keep all the rights to their work * Self-publishing authors have control over their pricing and profit * Self-publishing authors can pursue other opportunities thanks to non-exclusive contracts How Self-Publishing Transformed My Life Within a few months, my first book, "The Book Of Life: Existentialism, the Will and the Truth" was published. I was ecstatic and, just like that, my life changed. For 13 years, my life was a constant struggle to be recognized and appreciated as a writer. Suddenly I had achieved a goal that had been imprinted in my mind through sorrow and pain in my wonder years. You can imagine the relief and personal satisfaction that sets in when you overcome a life’s hurdle and the change in feelings that occur when a book you have toiled to write is finally published. What a tremendous achievement! My book was in my hands and available for purchase throughout the world on It made me feel whole, complete, worthy, revived, excited and motivated to live my life happily, fully and more inspired. I became more prolific, too, with a renewed zest and love for writing. Since, I Self-Published My First Book… * I wrote and published six more books with Outskirts Press. When something this easy makes you feel so alive, you pursue it with all your heart. * I have book videos for all my books available on YouTube. I have audio excerpts on iTunes for some, and business cards for others. My reviews have mostly been positive and some were even exceptional. * My first six books are in the Hong Kong public library and my first book is also for sale in a major bookshop, Swindon Book Co. Ltd. in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The gladness in my heart grows ever stronger every day. Without self-publishing, I would have missed one of the most delightful moments of my life — seeing my own books on the website of a bookshop, WHSmith, where I used to buy school books as a youngster. Would I ever have imagined my own books on display? No. But there they are, and all I can say is, it is worth it! I am hoping to self-publish more books and I am also planning an exhibition with other artists in Hong Kong. By helping ourselves, we artists and writers can help others in society through inspiration and motivation from our words. Publishing makes me feel like a first-class citizen. I feel self-publishers like Outskirts Press saved my life. Without them, I would still be lost. Now self-publishing has made my life’s work honorable. I have achieved more than I could have ever expected. About the Author: Ronnie Lee, author of "The Book of Life: Existentialism, the Will and the Truth" and 5 other major books, dramatically changed his life by self-publishing with Outskirts Press. Now, you can get 2 free self-publishing guides at .outskirtspress../ebook and see if self-publishing can help you live your dream of sharing your information, knowledge and life’s work with the world! Article Published On: By: varun – Since 2007 digital reading devices have be.e very popular and the sales of ebook have surpassed the paperback books. Further, the publishing costs of ebook are .paratively very less when .pared to traditional printed books By: Pat Esposito – With todays technology, almost anyone can be an author. For those who have dreamed of one day writing that great novel, biography, or self-help book, there are no more excuses to say no. 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