How to deal gracefully with unemployment – you need to figure it

How to deal with unemployment gracefully, you need to figure out how to gracefully cope with unemployment, is a topic I have always been interested in. Who can guarantee that he will never lose his job? I just graduated, NOKIA also seems to be a forever immortal, always great enterprise, my fashionable friends every day to discuss the latest wave of N97. But when they get N97 hand, the world has been occupied by the iPhone, not a few years, a large number of layoffs NOKIA, quickly disappear from my life. When I was in college, we must go to the post office to send and pick up the parcel, but is expensive. Now express the roost, post office staff days is still moist? Once thought, the bank will always be safe, but now banks have begun to pay cuts, "diet", my downstairs Minsheng Bank do card account, such as, already use the machine. Very few staff. More than traditional industries, IT companies are desperately downsizing a quote for the winter, the media said, "layoffs like a terrible plague spread from xi’erqi all the way to Wangjing". There is a characteristic of our time, the speed of change is difficult to adapt, most people in the world to work to make a living, but also at any time with the risk of unemployment. On this point, it is recommended to look at almost a popular question and answer, the work is more efficient machine grab what experience, there will be a deeper experience. So, maybe everyone should ask themselves, when unemployment suddenly find the door, how to do? One part of my interest is how to get unemployment insurance, so that the original data. A sigh, "it from the government to pull out the wool", really is not an easy thing. Collar unemployment insurance needs to meet three conditions: 1, must be non voluntary unemployment, the initiative will not resign. At the very least, please ask the company to make a cover for you on the leave certificate. 2, before unemployment, at least one year of unemployment insurance has been paid, included in the social security; 3, finally, the unemployment within 60 days, it is necessary to carry out the unemployment registration, while the bid for unemployment insurance procedures. Materials may be required, including two photos, education certificates, identity cards, leave proof, temporary residence permit what. More specific, to find universal neighborhood, or community service center consulting. So, how long does it take? Unemployment insurance contributions less than a year, I am sorry, no one. Paid for 1-4 years, every 1 years, you can get the unemployment benefits of $1; paid for more than 4 years, more than 4 years of the part, every six months, you can get more than 1 months. Each unemployment, the unemployment insurance benefits for the longest 24 months. This is to ensure that you can get to go to work, rather than on welfare. After all, today has just retired former finance minister, said, "we should help the poor, rather than helping lazy". The last question, how much is unemployment insurance? Social security is not the more, the more collar? It is a pity that the standard of unemployment is 80% of your local minimum wage. I checked it, in 2016 the minimum wage in Beijing is 1890 yuan per month, which is equal to $1512, just enough to live on. And I pay social security in Beijing for 7 years, can receive 4+3*2=10 months.相关的主题文章: