How To Get Rich Quick On The Web-part One

Do you think it is possible for you to get rich quick on the internet? Many say "no" while we are all aware that many people have indeed ac.plished the task. What do you think the chances of your success are in this case? If I tell you your chances are better than 50% would you believe me? Most would say "no". And they would be right. If your answer is "yes", then you would be right too! That is just how it works. People do get rich fast on the web, that is an indisputable fact. So why do some folks automatically discount themselves from the equation? They do not possess the first trait that all successful people embrace when starting out. Desire. Without it, wealth and riches will never .e. But, if you possess a real burning desire, you have passed the first test that is required of a meteoric rise to riches. Before we go any further, how do you define "get rich quick"? Get real here. I’m personally working with two guys right now that were in debt up to their eyeballs in 2008 and now earn five to six figures per month. Does that fit your definition of "get rich quick"? Please be realistic, these two guys are the exception, not the rule. But, if you are willing to work hard and educate yourself, you can do well within a year or two. Maybe even great. OK, let us continue… How do we define desire? It is a state of mind that reaches well beyond the wish or hope stage. It is a definite burning desire to achieve or possess. It is a desire that is backed with energy and will power. It is a desire that rules out all other It is a magnificent obsession through which only success will be accepted. Most will never know personally the power of a burning desire. In my life, I’ve possessed and used it successfully twice. Besides myself, I’ve seen it many other times, mostly in the sports arena. If you remember the 1980 US hockey team and their quest for the gold medal, the energy and desire of an entire team was something to behold. They were not to be denied. Thomas Edison is a great example of a man with a burning desire. His relentless pursuit of the invention of the lightbulb had him plow through 10000 different substances before he discovered the one that worked. His burning desire for success fueled the persistence he needed to virtually change the world with his invention. Believe it or not, anyone can learn how to possess this kind of burning desire. There is a science to it. Here is a time tested method by which a burning desire can be developed and transmuted into money. 1.Determine the exact amount of money you desire. 2.Establish what it is that you are willing to sacrifice to achieve the money goal. 3.Determine a definite time in the future when you will possess the money. 4.Build an organized plan to achieve this wealth. 5.Write out a summary of 1-4 on note cards that you can keep with you at all times. 6.Read it twice per day. You must believe and visualize being in possession of this money. Now this next point is the key. Do not allow yourself to be SNIOPED (susceptible to the negative influences of other people). By the time we are in kindergarten we begin to conform to peer pressure. This is an intense pressure that most cannot over.e. This is the first major test you will encounter in your desire to get rich quick. Win the daily challenge of your peers negative influences and move on to the next test. Lose it and keep your current circumstances. You choose. One does not have to look any further for an example of tremendous desire and persistence than that of a gentleman of the mid 1800s. He was widely recognized as a failure before 1860. After 1860 he transformed into one of the most famous men in history. Here is his track record: 1831 – Failed in business 1832 – Defeated for legislature 1833 – Again failed in business 1834 – Elected to legislature 1835 – Sweetheart died 1836 – Had a nervous breakdown 1838 – Defeated for speaker 1840 – Defeated for elector 1843 – Defeated for Congress 1846 – Elected for Congress 1848 – Defeated for Congress 1855 – Defeated for Senate 1856 – Defeated for Vice-President 1858 – Defeated for Senate 1860 – ELECTED PRESIDENT This was Abraham Lincoln’s life. He had a record of twelve defeats against two victories. Yet, he became one of the most admired men of history. Would you have passed that test of desire if you were in his shoes? We are all capable, but will we follow through? To achieve wealth on the inter., you do not have to be elected president, nor do you have to have a special personality or possess charisma. All you need is to have a mindset to master a few potential challenges of which desire is one. Then you must procure and use some specialized knowledge in order to get rich fast using the web. If you have no idea your method of wealth accumulation at this point, fear not. Your "how-to-get-rich" formula will be revealed during your discovery process, which you are undertaking now. If you are crystallizing your methods now, your .anized plan will begin to take shape as you continue the pursuit of your dream. Best of luck! 相关的主题文章: