How To Get Rid Of Disk Optimizer From Your

Software Disk Optimizer is one of the latest virus programs to appear on the market. This .puter defragmenter is .pletely fraudulent, and, like its earlier cousins such as "Thinkpoint" and "System Antivirus 2010", will attempt to steal your personal information if it’s not removed as soon as you first notice its presence. The program has infected dozens of .puters systems already and is still trying to spread its malicious capabilities all over. The virus that .es with Disk Optimizer is able to install itself onto the system by itself, without your knowing. This infection may originate from a rogue download, corrupted website or malicious email attachment. Once the program gets into the system, the hard drive will have a hard time functioning normally. Additionally, the program will seem as if it’s a legitimate application, because it will provide fake virus scanning results to convince you of its functionality. However, the results are actually just made up, along with the program’s supposed security capabilities. To make sure that program will not cause you any harm, it has to be stopped immediately. As long as it’s running there’s no telling how many .ponents it can affect. The Disk Optimizer is considered to be a malicious application. It installs rogue .ponents into the system and then convinces the user into thinking that it can actually fix problems on the PC. However, it’s actually the opposite. Disk Optimizer is in fact the main cause of the problems you will soon experience once it latches onto your PC. As opposed to the .mon viruses plaguing .puters, the virus from Disk Optimizer installs a legitimate-looking software interface, and tries to convince you to buy the upgrade it offers for increased functionality and protection. However, these upgrades are actually worthless, just like the program itself. If you are infected with the Disk Optimizer virus, it’s best to remove it as soon as you can. The following sections provide a tutorial on how. One of the first things to do when dealing with rogue programs like the Disk Optimizer is to stop them from running. As long as their processes are facilitated inside the .puter, they can infect as many .ponents as possible, and they cannot be deleted. Thus, the program’s process has to be stopped. To do this, open Task Manager (press Control, Alt, Delete all at the same time). When the window is opened, go to the Process Tab. For Disk Optimizer, find this process: [random].exe. Select the process and then choose the "End Process" option located at the bottom of the window. This should prevent the program from spreading any more evil. Secondly, you need to remove all of the directories linked with the program. To do this, browse over Drive C and see if you can find the Disk Optimizer program files. Select them and then press Shift+Delete. This should remove the .ponents from the system. Another good way to get rid of the program and the infection it brings is to use a removal tool. Removal tools have the same functions and capabilities as that of an antivirus program. The tool can scan the .puter for rogue programs and its .ponents and effectively remove them when .manded. One very good removal tool is the Frontline Rogue Remover. This type of program is available online and can be downloaded easily. Once installed in the .puter system, instructions will be provided on how to use such. To see how you can Remove Disk Optimizer by using the tutorials on our website. You can Click Here 相关的主题文章: