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Business Whiplash is one of the most .mon injuries suffered by people in road accidents. Also, it is one of the easier to fake – merely braking suddenly can produce a whiplash injury, which can then be exploited for a hefty insurance claim. In fact, a number of criminal gangs exploit their insurance .panies for money by staging "accidents", which are "witnessed" by other members of the same gang. Even people who suffer from genuine accidents try to maximise the amount they can get out of their insurance .panies, by applying for claims such as "reduction of enjoyment" apart from medical bills, foregone wages and caregivers’ bills. The UK government pays over 1.5 billion annually as payouts for whiplash injury claims. At least this amount is paid again to solicitors handling these cases, bringing the total cost of whiplash claims to over 3 billion annually. Thanks to the .bination of these factors, insurance .panies and the government can be extremely tight-fisted when it .es to paying up for whiplash injury claims. If you think you may be suffering from a whiplash injury, it is best to get it diagnosed by a doctor as soon as possible. First of all, your health is at stake – you may have suffered from injuries that are not classed as "whiplash" but are serious enough to require medical attention all the same. Secondly, your insurance .pany will want definitive proof that you have, indeed, suffered from a whiplash injury of severity that warrants filing an insurance claim. Rather than appealing to your insurance .pany directly, it is best to consult solicitors who specialize in whiplash and other car accident claims. Most solicitors offer a free initial consultation, and their own fee a part of the insurance claim you make. If they judge your case to be weak, they will advise you not to make the claim rather than risk losing money on legal expenses. While appealing for whiplash injury .pensation, you can appeal for General Damages – a sum that is decided according to the extent of your injury and the consequent medical costs – or for Special Damages. Special Damages include earnings lost due to injury, caregiver’s bills, car repairs and many other costs that go with a car accident and injury. Alternatively, you can go in for a settlement with your insurance .pany. If you do choose out-of-court settlement with your insurance .pany, be careful of two things: 1. Identify whether you are to receive a lump-sum payment or payment in instalments 2. Make sure that there are no clauses stating that no further payments will be entertained on this claim. This clause will make things very difficult for you if medical .plications crop up in future. Whiplash is an injury that is ignored by many survivors of car accidents, but can lead to spondylitis and herniated discs – among other .plications – later on. Make sure to get proper treatment and .pensation as early as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: