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UnCategorized Try to keep it simple. Avoid buzzwords and keep your sentences short and snappy. Your copy should be easy to scan and easy to understand. All pages within your site should include a heading. Not just any heading, but one that will sell. It must be powerful enough to draw your visitors in to check out the rest of your copy. It is important that your headline reflects what can actually be found on your page. Every page of your site should contain a relevant heading! People will read a heading before moving on to any other part of your page. If your heading is good enough then your visitors may just hang around longer to explore the rest of your site. Most website copy does nothing more then give a description of a product or service without providing some kind of selling proposition. Try not to lose sight of the fact that you are trying to sell something. It has been shown that we only remember about 40 percent of what we see. So make sure that you repeat your proposition more then once. TIP: Nobody really cares about what you may have achieved. Are you really interested in what someone else has achieved or in what you can achieve? Make sure your website provides your potential customers with information on what you can do for them! One of the best ways to have a successful online business is to provide appealing, well thought out information on your website. A website should provide value to visitors. Write as if you are talking to a friend… keep it simple and keep it straight. Your website should be as user friendly as possible. Include good purposeful text links within your copy and this will also help your ranking in the search engines. Within your website each page should contain links to other pages within your site to allow for visitors to easily find what they are looking for. A page index or site map will help visitors navigate through your website quickly and without any confusion. Grammar is critical. So be careful that your spelling and use of words is correct. Use a spellchecker. Your visitors deserve professionalism. TIP: Keep the exclamation marks to a minimum! They can be very annoying and they do not make your copy anymore effective. Here are a few more quick tips to keep in mind when developing your copy. 1. Your website should contain plenty of white space. Too many words may scare your visitors away. 2. Use simple, concise, easy to understand words. 3. Make sure your copy is scannable by not using run on sentences. Keep your paragraphs short and use big text. Only use bold text for your keywords. 4. Your words should be descriptive and appropriate for your subject. 5. Organize your copy so that you start simple and then slowly get to the details. Remember that you could have the coolest graphics with the best layout around, but if your copy is useless and not very informative then why bother? What are the advantages of having phenomenal copy on your website? If you go through the trouble of getting quality visitors to your website then you want them to stick around. The longer they stay, the more tempted they are to buy something. Your copy should make your visitors feel .fortable. TIP: By providing contact details with a physical address your visitors will fell like you are a real business and not a scam. It creates credibility. Four more website content tips for advertising success: 1. A for Attention. Grab the attention of your visitor with your heading. Focus on what you can do for your visitor and not on what you are actually promoting. 2. I for Interest. Keep their interest. Provide specific details in a precise and clear manner. 3. D for Desire. Stir up your visitors desire. Advertising alone does not create desire, but desire creates advertising. 4. A for Action. Explain to your visitors what action to take to achieve their desires and then provide a means for them to take action! Think of your website copy as something that you can turn into cash flow as it relates to your specific market. Think of writing phenomenal copy as a process. The more you write, the easier the process and the better you be.e. Know what your visitors want, provide something that they need, and your success is sure to follow. Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: