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Sports-and-Recreation There are many great reasons as to why one would wish to open a sports bar. The main reason however is the creation of a fun working environment, a place to hang out with friends, and of course a place to watch live sport on tv. However, one needs a number of considerations to make in order to achieve the desired goal. To start with, a detailed business plan as well as a way to fund and execute the plan has to be done. All the necessary aspects such as the leasing property, alcohol license among other major aspects ought to be done before setting a budget. The first step should therefore be the creation of the business plan. This is the key to achieving the desired goal. The business plan gives an overview of the goals of the Sports Bar, details on the property, the employees as well as the equipment. These are required by the law when opening any type of business. Secondly, one needs a well prepared budget. This is what details the expenditure needed in starting the business as well as in its operation. Aspects such as the monthly lease, the purchase of equipment and the salaries of the employees have to be brought to the table. The application for the alcohol license is not a hard thing to do. This can be done by contacting the government office, generally the council that controls the license. Know the regulations as well as the fees associated with the acquisition of the license. It is important to inform the officer the type of alcohol that will be served as well as the establishment owned. The wrong information can lead to over charging or future crashes with the law. To make an application for a premises licence you must: 1. Submit a plan of the premises 2. Submit an operating schedule 3. Give details of the designated premises supervisor 4. Pay the required fee 5. Advertise the application in the local press and also on the premise The finding of the right property for your sports bar is important. This is what attracts or turn the clients away. The property should be able to offer reliable traffic and have easy access. The spot should therefore be in an open spot to attract more customers. The properties next to a high traffic way or a populated area could be a great option. The purchase of the necessities of the bars should then be made. The bar will require many stools, tables, booths, chairs and other basic furniture. Utensils and glassware should also be acquired. If planning on selling food, it is important that one contacts the vendors and the food distributors and negotiate a reliable contract. The beer distributors should also be contacted as well as other agents such as the satellite TV agents. The TV’s should be big, plentyful reliable and offer the best signal throughout your bar. Now you’ve set your Sports Bar up, gain a great reputation within a short period of time by hiring experienced employees. This will ensure the best customer service and reliability and make sure that your customers return and use your bar. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: