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Ant HR completed ten million A round of financing, launched the "universal wage cut for middle market Sohu technology today, HR officially announced the completion of the ants, tens of millions of dollars level A round of financing, lead investor side Kai Fu capital, investment capital with chunxiao. According to the ant HR CEO Li Yang, the funds raised by this round of financing will be mainly used to expand the company’s outlets, as well as the development of appropriate products to cut 30 to 300 people in the medium-sized enterprise market. Previously, positioning ant HR is the cloud Department of human resources of small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide salary calculation and payment, payment of social security, provident fund and other services, the company also is the main target of about 10 start-up companies. But Li Yang said that the company will now develop the number of employees in the 30 to 300 of the world market and medium-sized enterprises, "when the old customers" grow up "after the company can not abandon them, they need to undertake. For medium-sized enterprises, we can’t just give up." But obviously, the purpose of ant HR is not only to undertake the original customer business needs. Recently, the ant HR launched a new product universal wage bar, with the help of this free product, ant HR still want to get more customers in medium-sized enterprises. Now there are large enterprises HR system, the number of small companies too small, production and payment of wages is not a problem. But for medium-sized enterprises HR, the company does not have a complete set of HR system, the number has reached a certain scale, then the manual wage is a very troublesome thing." Li Yang said. Traditional wage bar production, HR in the Excel with a good wage data, but also need to go through seven or eight steps in order to get the final wage Excel effect. After that, HR will need a stick to the mail, and then sent to colleagues. Li Yang said: these methods are very silly, but also to ensure that HR can not be wrong, you can not send the wages of others." The ant HR launched the universal wage bar, it can automatically complete the wages of the production, distribution work. HR only need to produce their own wage form Excel uploaded to the platform, the platform will automatically identify the header and data, and then automatically generate wages. In the product before the introduction of the ant HR parsing more than 1 thousand different formats of payroll, the wages can cause this is universal automatic identification and data header. In the production of wages after the bar, the ant HR will be automatically sent to the company employees, employees can email, WeChat, text messages and other ways to view their wages. In order to avoid the wrong issue of wages, the ant HR solution is that all people click on the link, you need to enter their own name to verify whether the information is consistent with the wage. When the name of the input and wages do not match, the platform will be reported to the wrong HR. HR may withdraw the wage. For us, medium-sized enterprises is a stock market, it is difficult to cut into. We have to find a point that is painful enough to open the market with sharp enough products." Li Yang said, "we can not win the trust of enterprises through this product, but as long as we and.相关的主题文章: