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Huang Xiaoming did not confirm the Angelababy pregnancy due date Department Beijing September new network in 23, according to the Taiwan – misinformation "Chinese times news, Huang Xiaoming in October last year, and Angelababy (Baby). Since Baby have previously outside of pregnancy, the Mid Autumn Festival, family portrait of Huang Xiaoming drying out, wearing a loose dress seems to face a lot of Baby round be pregnant, refers to the rich, 22, Huang Xiaoming attended the" trump card "premiere film with ace reporter, media reports Huang Xiaoming finally admitted to when Dad, but later to verify the media publicity director Zhang, the answer was:" the scene we did not confirm this thing". Baby married Huang Xiaoming, has repeatedly been pregnant, the most recent is the user broke the obstetrics and Gynecology inspection, the Hongkong media have burst Baby has been pregnant for 3 months, and both parents are very happy. 22, Huang Xiaoming and Andy Lau, Ouyang, Nana et al film appeared online news press conference, Huang Xiaoming the first to recognize the father, and that Baby has been pregnant for 4 months, due in February next year or early March. This is to verify the media publicity Director Miss Zhang, the other responded: "we have not confirmed this, reports the due date is misinformation, thank you care about," Huang Xiaoming said do not respond, but Huang Xiaoming told the "Guangzhou daily" asked whether Baby is pregnant, suggesting that "words with reservations ha ha, now some things can’t be said, no way, you have to wait for the natural result. The two of us also let nature take its course, the ability to have the wish to be more than a few."相关的主题文章: