Huangshan City back to Huizhou is far away, even the root of Shexian Huizhou also decline – tourism norton disk doctor

Huangshan City back to Huizhou is far away, even the root of Shexian Huizhou also decline – Sohu Huizhou tourism as a geographical concept, in Huizong and for three years (1121), ending in the 1911 Revolution, except during the late Yuan has been renamed Xingan house (1357 – 1367), in the 790 year history of 780 years said "Huizhou". Huizhou six counties, namely, Shexian, Yixian County, Xiuning, Qimen, Jixi, Wuyuan. Shexian is the seat of government administration in ancient Huizhou, is the birthplace of Huizhou culture and the Peking Opera, the main birthplace of Huizhou merchants, anhui. The main origin of the "scholar’s four jewels" Hui inkstone for Shexian, was awarded the "China Huimo of all", "Chinese Sheyan village", "Hui (Anhui) of the township" and "China Huizhou Cultural Village", "China archway town" honorary title. From now on the Mount Huangshan city east of Tunxi, about 30 kilometers, is the ancient capital of Shexian is located in the ancient city of Huizhou scenic area into here today. There are several ancient city walls and gates, in the old city also live in a large number of residents, so do not need tickets into the city, but there are a few spots is scheduled to enter the. The Doosan street is well worth visiting a street. Huizhou state government department, which is the ancient authorities yamen, apparently after the reconstruction, a new look, feel too neat, lack of some feel inside. A narrow alley is Doosan street, located on both sides of some of the great houses of the rich. The big family of ancient Huizhou, the house is built of tall and big, the alley between courtyard is narrow and deep. Some of the buildings built in the alley were housed in the Qing dynasty. Xu Shihfang, also known as the University square, commonly known as the eight foot arch, Ming Wanli twelve years (1584), North and south two according to the two column on the third floor, East and west two in cupola four post on the third floor type, stable structure, modeling fullness. Xu Shihfang is the most outstanding representative of Huizhou stone arch in the comprehensive embodiment of the highest level of Shifang building techniques, the four post on the third floor cupola type Shifang vertical shape, hundreds of years of Ming and Qing Dynasties, Shifang occupies a prominent position in the history of architecture, the one and only country. Walking to the hoop Well Street, the name comes from the immediate well, which is a very charming ancient Huizhou lane. Prohibit the use of motor vehicles in the ancient city of Huizhou, the car stopped at the gate. There are three gates around the Huizhou government, the peculiar south gate is the gate is obtrapezoid. The gate was supported by 24 pillars of wood, and it was very close to the wall, and out of the gate was out of town. Fu yamen before a large square, there is a large green space for visitors to rest. From the west gate can also enter the city, a lot of people out here, no one checked. From the west gate into the city to go east, this is a commercial street, roadside buildings full of ancient Huizhou. These streets are the breath of life, the local people also sell special snack here. The most common street snacks that little is often seen, Clay oven rolls, in the city of Mount Huangshan in Tunxi was small, brown skin crisp, just released -相关的主题文章: