HUAWEI mate 9 Bunny ran only 120 thousand Mo panic reason in this freelander2

HUAWEI Mate 9 Bunny ran only 120 thousand? Don’t panic reason in this HUAWEI in November 3rd released a new generation of HUAWEI Mate 9 once again detonated the science and technology circles, the machine’s biggest bright spot is the use of a new Unicorn processor 960. Kylin 960 16nm FFC process technology based on manufacturing, with a new generation of ARM Cortex-A73 core and Mali-G71mp8 GPU, integrated with the previous kylin 950 compared to 960 of the kylin single core and multi core performance were improved by 10% and 18%, GPU increased by 180%. Geekbench3 960 kylin run of comparison in earlier famous people broke the @i ice universe we broke the news to the kylin 960 and Samsung Exynos 8890 run of data comparison, figure 960 kylin mononuclear 2163 points, 7096 points multicore, single core Exynos8890, 2163 points, 6258 points multicore, ice universe also said: "Geekbench3 run the kylin 960, a bit mean, a single Exynos8890 level, multi core high, especially the memory part, and as high as 820 xiaolong." Kylin 960 Bunny ran in ice universe in micro-blog released Mate 9 in Ann Bunny run platform photos from the photo, Mate9 Bunny ran for 120239, only from the data view, is not scientific. Of course, blogger @i ice universe also issued a document said: "the Mate9 Bunny ran 120 thousand, this is not serious science, whether it is part of the 3D or CPU part to be optimized, the pot first not thrown bunny." HUAWEI Mate 9, but there are also netizens analysis technology said: "the bunny graphics test is still OpenGL ES 3.x based on GPU Mali-G71mp8 960 and Hass kylin official run (HUAWEI gives version) has more than 821 Xiaolong is due to Vulkan this revolutionary figure API, kylin 960 in 3D test scores Bunny is currently OpenGL ES API under the real level."        相关的主题文章: