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Hulk: Scolari is not like tactics to the best Sohu sports super league twenty-sixth round tomorrow started, Hong Kong home court against the rival game is undoubtedly the focus of the war. On the season in Hong Kong and Hengda home court game, Hong Kong 0 3 lost to rivals. Before the conference, hulk and Erickson attended. For tomorrow’s game, Hulk said he knows Scolari’s tactical preferences. Talking about the present state, Hulk said: "unfortunately, after I China was injured in the first game. In the middle of a long recovery process. In August, I came to China in Russia, and he helped me a lot. Through the previous training and competition, I feel I have improved, but has not returned to 100 percent of the best. I hope that after the recovery of my state, can give the team more help." In 2014, Scolari has coached the Brazil national team, when Hulk is his players, the Hulk said: "the 2014 World Cup, I work with Scolari for a year, I do have a certain understanding for his tactical preferences. For me, Scolari will be the head coach of the opposing team tomorrow and I will do my best to help our team get 3 points." (Sohu sports Pei Li)相关的主题文章: