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In the first naval summer camp during the summer vacation education on behalf of the national hundred high school students, Chinese Navy for the first time for the national outstanding high school students organized a theme of "summer camp flying exciting youth chase blue dream". The event lasted a week, from 46 high school teachers and students from all over the country to participate in the 190. It is reported that the event is divided into two stages of navigation experience and college experience. Sailing experience activities for a period of 3 days, the teachers and students on the station, Bo Zheng ship, to observe ships at sea, understand the inbound and outbound routes and the nearby landmark lighthouse, etc.. In Weihai Liugong Island, visited the Sino Japanese War Memorial, the Sino Japanese War museum. The swearing in ceremony in front of the Northern Navy Zhonghun, director of Naval Training Ship detachment Xu Guangming encouraged the senior high school students: "I hope the students with a strong wind span and large construction, the people’s Navy rich, strong and prosperous motherland, dare to dream, dare to dream, dream, early to join the" blue landscape ", in the Navy dream magnificent voyage, can see you beside me and gallop in journey across the motherland." College experience activities, teachers and students to the division of the Naval Engineering University, Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute and Dalian Naval Academy of the PLA, visiting the campus environment, experimental building, naval training field characteristics, observe the queue, singing assembly, firearms decomposition of Military Boxing show, experience, training a sampan sailing naval special training program, and with the institutions of naval college admissions policy in recent years, the enrollment system and the exchange interaction. From the Lhasa autonomous region of Tibet first middle school student Solange Dan Da said with emotion, "I grew up longing for the military, military TV drama makes me crazy, let me very want to join the ranks of the navy! I was the first time I was in Tibet, and the first time I saw the sea, and the first time I boarded the ship on the boat." To the sea for the first time Wang Yifan students wrote in the summer camp at the closing: "I would like to become a uniform wall standing in the vast waters of the motherland." (Lv Xiaolin pine square meters (plus) (Intern), commissioning editor: Li Yihuan Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: