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I heard that in September 7th – iPhone7 and my name is MT3 very match oh! – People’s network game original title: I heard that in September 7th – iPhone7 and my name is MT3 is very good oh! I believe all love apple friends will not forget September 8th this special day, because on this day, Apple Corp CEO Jobs (successor Cook) will be at the San Francisco organized new conference, to the world to eat apples children to introduce their new generation of products iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus. These two products will be on September 7th (U.S. time) open book, September 16th officially on sale, as if you have children powder for the heart? With a strong love crazy, the next thing to do is to stroll AppStore, select some high quality games to test the performance of the new machine! Heard on September 7th that day, iPhone7 and I called MT3 is very match! Do not believe, we will take a look at this year’s 2016 west magic hand tour of the powerful bar! The screen determines our first impression of the game, and my name is MT3, and the beautiful picture of the super performance of love crazy complement each other. Through the professional art team carefully crafted old Ai Ze Lars, beautiful and true, Gadgetzan, crossroads, Dalaran, Whitechapel, island and other famous daily scenes will perfectly reproduce, the grand game world, spectacular battle scenes fascinated. On the type of game, my name is MT3, although it has changed, but this is a change in the heritage of the turn of the system further sublimation. Compared to "my name is MT Online", "my name is MT2" and other card predecessors, MT3 has more perfect character data, the more abundant character set, the higher occupation of the rationality of each one has his good points, collocation requirements. The strong interaction between the combat system is more collaborative test between players, to a large extent increased the PVE, PVP fun for the majority of Apple users long-term experience. Back in 2016, apple App Store launched a new subscription policy, my name is MT3 became the first to participate in the reform of domestic hand travel. The unique charm of the Western magical theme, the first card service charge system, add fresh style and full of plot, the line has successfully attracted a large number of MT powder and diffuse in favor of Warcraft game player. Bid farewell to the traditional type of card binding, the new "my name is MT3" will be in the form of MMORPG re interpretation of this constant quality IP. (Yang Yu, Shen Guangqian Polo: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: