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Cecilia Cheung racing meets " ", and the whole smile fails to stop – Shandong channel people’s Hunan TV "number one surprise" is broadcast every Sunday night at 22. Today, the program group blogger released a video of Cecilia Cheung’s constant laughter, and the demonic laughter immediately attracted many netizens to watch, "what did you do to Cecilia Cheung?"". In fact, Cecilia Cheung laughed so much because she was sitting beside a "Ben" driver. In the video, Cecilia Cheung wears a racing suit on the copilot’s seat, and as the window flies, Cecilia Cheung still shouts "My God"!" But he laughed so hard that he couldn’t stop, and turned his head to laugh at the driver’s seat. With the magic video exposure, "number one surprise" official blog below immediately occupied by onlookers, "what happened on the driver’s seat?"" The amused melon users ask for doubts. Originally, this is the "number one surprise" program group under the "surprise client" commissioned by Jimmy Lin for Cecilia Cheung made a surprise. As Cecilia Cheung’s many years old friend, once in the "speed angel" taught Cecilia Cheung to drive the car Jimmy Lin, know the good friend’s character "she likes the racing car, likes the speed, the courage is extremely big."." Therefore, he and the "surprise Guardian" He Jiong big brain hole, created a surprise for her car racing". Unknown to the show, Cecilia Cheung will sit on the "family books" (the actual driver played by actors) car, while under the command of He Jiong, the driver will conduct a series of many brother end "not reliable" behavior, so Cecilia Cheung did not stop to laugh. What happened between Cecilia Cheung and the "little brother" driver? Why did she laugh so hard to stop? Hunan TV "number one surprise" this Sunday 22:00 announced for you, when mango TV and PPTV will also network joint broadcast alone. (commissioning editor Zhang Liandong and Hu Honglin) 张柏芝赛车竟遇“本本族” 全程笑到停不下来–山东频道–人民网 湖南卫视《头号惊喜》每周日晚22点播出。今日,节目组官博发布了一段张柏芝不断大笑的视频,魔性笑声立刻引发众多网友围观“究竟你们对张柏芝做了什么!?”。其实,张柏芝如此大笑是因为她身边坐了一个“本本族”司机。 视频中,张柏芝一身赛车服坐在副驾驶座上,随着车窗外风景飞速掠过,张柏芝虽不时大喊一声“My God!”却完全笑到停不下来,更转过头对着驾驶座大笑不止。随着魔性视频曝光,《头号惊喜》官博下方立刻被围观网友占领,“究竟驾驶座上发生了什么?”被逗乐的吃瓜网友纷纷求解惑。 原来,这是《头号惊喜》节目组在“惊喜委托人”林志颖委托下为张柏芝制造的一场惊喜。作为张柏芝的多年老友,曾在《极速天使》中手把手教张柏芝开赛车的林志颖深知好友的性格“她喜欢赛车,喜欢速度,胆子特别大。”因此,他与“惊喜守护者”何炅大开脑洞,为她制造了一场“赛车惊喜”。节目中,不明就里的张柏芝就将坐上“本本族”司机(实际由演员扮演)的赛车,而在何炅指挥下,这位司机将进行一系列迷弟到底的“不靠谱”行为,令张柏芝笑到根本停不下来。 究竟张柏芝与这位“迷弟”司机之间发生了什么?她究竟为何会笑到停不下来?湖南卫视《头号惊喜》本周日22:00为你揭晓,届时芒果TV与PPTV也将网络联合独播。 (责编:张连东、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: