ICBC and Cangnan government strategic

ICBC and Cangnan government strategic cooperation in September 27th, ICBC Wenzhou branch and Cangnan County People’s government held a strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony. ICBC will concentrate all the financial resources, help Cangnan "three major transformation", and effectively play the leading role of the line leader and pacesetter. According to the introduction, Cangnan is the South Gate of Wenzhou and even Zhejiang. Since the reform and opening up, under the strong leadership of the county Party committee and county government, the economic and social development of Cangnan has shown rapid development, and the comprehensive strength has been greatly improved. In recent years, Cangnan city construction frame gradually opened, Xincheng contour gradually formed at the same time, the industry of Cangnan; optimization of economic structure adjustment, constant speed, has won the "Chinese printing city" and "China Subian city" and 14 Guozihao gold name card, a number of professional market with "ginseng antler Cordyceps center" as the representative of the also, it has been more and more prominent influence. With the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan, in accordance with the "double double sea area" (Hercynian economic development zones marine economic development demonstration area,) the strategic requirements, actively promote the economic, social, city "three transformation", Cangnan will usher in a new development opportunity. Therefore, as a foothold in Wenzhou, serving the local large commercial bank, ICBC ICBC relying on the advantages of the group, the concentration of financial resources, help Cangnan "three transformation". For example, on key projects, mainly focus on energy, water, transportation, tourism, education and other fields, ICBC will actively support the nuclear power project, Guangdong Cangnan Cangnan section of 104 National Highway and a number of major infrastructure construction projects; in support of the real economy, active docking Small and micro businesses business park, professional market, through a garden one policy "," a market program, batch Small and micro businesses meet the demand for funds. At the same time, Cangnan’s financial demand is strong, and the market capacity is very large. ICBC will further improve the financial resources. On the one hand, good physical channel construction line, Cangnan branch of the new building to accelerate the construction of a total investment of 125 million yuan for the optimization of the county network layout, expand the coverage of financial services; on the other hand, do online electronic channels, followed by the ordinary consumer financial habits change, and actively implement the intelligent network transformation of light, increase the intelligent equipment investment, to make financial services more convenient and more efficient. In addition, ICBC will increase financial innovation, for major projects, listed or listed companies, investment and service provider linkage mode, through the exploration of setting up industry fund mode, broaden the sources of funding; in Cangnan to become a provincial e-commerce demonstration county as an opportunity to focus on Longgang network business park, accelerate the implementation of e-ICBC strategy, "three platforms, three major product lines" (Financial e, financial e purchase, financial E; ICBC E payment, Yi loan, ICBC e investment), to promote internet financial landing. In view of the characteristic town of Taiwan businessmen, the author actively studies the personalized and customized financial service program, so as to better serve the work of attracting investment from taiwan.