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If Tibet is a kind of poison, then Xiangxi is you jiebu Diao – Sohu of Xiangxi tourism is a God where spoiled if Tibet is a kind of poison, not to cure, then Xiangxi is jiebu Diao she is located in the hinterland of the Wuling mountains, beautiful scenery with mountains and crossed countless the cave, canyon and Quanbao gives the impression of Xiangxi as Shen Congwen’s Tracy soft, comfortable life here is the Miao ethnic minority inhabited areas of Miaojia Diaojiao Lou and a blue flagstone trail here so that the distribution of the ancient flavor of God the most pleasant climate of the fresh air is the most warm the sun, the blue river is the most gentle grassland, most beautiful mountains and the most fascinating ethnic minorities are given the place for ancient and mysterious no one here is not the scenery. No one moved again in a hurry to leave at 28 degrees north latitude, China the most Western Hunan Xiangxi is the charming scenery area??? Phoenix Town mentioned in Xiangxi, first thought is the Phoenix she has "China’s most beautiful town" and "village" reputation of the Phoenix beauty, not only in the water’s gentle the scenery in Shen Congwen’s poetic "border town" Phoenix beautiful antique simplicity ease, now in addition to Tuojiang, Diaojiao Lou and Tracy beautiful Miao girls more coffee and wine gradually become the young artists of the romantic encounter Meijiang Meijiang scenic landscape, strange landscape, both spectacle and travertine waterfalls well, MAE water meandering between high mountains and lofty hills precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs Qingyang Siyu clear and static shadow heavy wall on both sides of towering peaks, rocks The rugged Guzhang Stone Forest Stone Forest colorful, elegant peaks valleys and streams, springs such as blanket kind of lawn, the old Wisteria flowers and stone complement each other, like a natural landscape and red? As some processes such as some hump peaks of the galloping horse and various stone walls, caves, flying stone, natural bridge scenery magic the red stone forest, magical Danxia landform in the sunset, Xiaguang miles mountain mountain?? is the perfect representative of China Chingmei Danxia Fuyi river blue mountain landform clear dark red light red color, changing seasons, warm and cold mountain? Long sentiment, is Ai Qing short poem "why my eyes are full of tears because of my deep love for this land" the mountain is mountain dwelling? Elegant, antique tiles and white walls built bridges, Castle Peak, red cliff ruins, farmhouse cleverly combined Hui Yingcheng Mutual interest, bring out a complete picture of the natural picture sitting dragon gorge dragon gorge "first sit south gorge odd" reputation in Qiao, hidden, quiet, open, extraordinary and dangerous, ancient, clumsy one wonderful show the risk of the natural landscape of the mind coupled with sultry Tujia customs will sit dragon gorge multiple feelings greet the arrival of visitors each chestnut rustic boardwalk let you close the distance and delicate Tan Bi Tiao Dun let you play daughter-in-law Nagareizumi, touch waterfall original Shi Kan let you have to mobilize all the physical and mental exertion, perception of the ladder climbing Canyon near misses you with feet under the roar of the stream in thrillers savor in a happy).相关的主题文章: